Step 2.5: Reconfigure to a 4-bar Slider-Crank

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Step 2.5: Reconfigure to a 4-bar Slider-Crank

Make the Motion-Part a Slider and not a Rocker

In this Tutorial:

Video 1:

1.We delete a Pin-Joint (the middle of the two Joints in the R-R-P dyad), and add a new Pin-Joint

2.We change the Dyad Closure of the R-R-R Dyad

Video 2:

3.Move the Motion-Dimension FB to the Slide-Joint. The input becomes a Slider.

Typically, the name of the new mechanism is a Slider-Crank.

4.We will look at the Kinematics Tree again.



tog_minusVideo 1: Move Pin-Joint and Change Dyad Closure
tog_minusVideo 2: Change from Crank-Slider to Slider-Crank


Step by Step...

tog_minusEdit the Pin-Joint on the Sliding-Part.

tog_minusMove the Motion-Dimension FB from the Pin-Joint to the Slide-Joint

tog_minusThe Motion-Dimension and Slide-Joint in the graphic area

The Kinematics Tree

The Kinematics-Tree has changed in Tutorial 2.

It has changed from a:

Rocker and R-R-R Dyad (Step 2.1)

to a:

Rocker and R-R-P Dyad (Step 2.3)

to a:

Slider and R-R-R Dyad (This Step)


This Kinematic-Chain is a Slider and an R-R-R Dyad.

The Slider is a Motion-Part.

It has three elements:



c.Mot-Dim Slider – a Motion-Dimension FB for a Slider

The R-R-R Dyad is one of the five Planar Dyads.

The R-R-R Dyad has these five elements: