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Getting Started Tutorials - MechDesigner

MechDesigner: Getting Started Tutorials

See also MotionDesigner: Getting Started Tutorials

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Elements you add to model :

e.g. : Part, Pin-Joint, Motion-Dimension FB, ELEMENT-DIALOGS

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e.g. : Command-Manager, Part-Editor, start-Point

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e.g. : sketch-loop, kinematically-derived, rotating-Part

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e.g. : File menu > Open

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1.Do 1

2.Do 2


These Tutorials describe how to do the most common tasks.

Please work from the first tutorial.

Email sales at psmotion dot com if you cannot do a tutorial, or if there is an error, or if there is not enough information. We will improve the tutorial for you.

If a video does not play, try a different web browser. It is possible that you do not have the add-in to play MP4 videos with your default browser.

Getting Started Tutorials

Terminology and Glossary

The User Interface

Contextual Help : F1 key, Dialog and Parameters

Elements, Symbols, Rename References

Recommended Windows & Application-Settings

Mouse Actions, Keyboard Shortcuts

0: Machine Settings : Edit a Parameter

1: Add a Part that Rotates continuously - a Crank

2: Four-bar kinematic-chains

2A: Six-bar Kinematic-Chains

2B: Kinematic Tools

2C: Hierarchy of Planes

3: Add sketch-elements with the Part-Editor

4: From Sketch-Elements to Extrusions

5: Kinematic Function-Blocks and Motion

6: Cams Flat, Barrel, Globoidal, Slot Cams

7: Design-Sets

8: Import DXF Files, then extrude sections for Solid Extrusions

9: Automatically Add Joints

10: Model Mechanical Devices

11: Two Degree-of-Freedom Planar Mechanisms

12: Spatial Mechanism

13: Analyze Forces

14: Gear-Pairs

15: Patterns - Indexing Chain

16: Motion-Path FB and Blend-Curves

17: Belts and Pulleys

18: Math FB

19: Import SOLIDWORKS documents onto CAD-Lines

20: Design a Scroll or Feedscrew

21: Reverse-Engineering a Cam

22: Working with Large Models

23: Servo and Gearbox Sizing