About element references

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About element references

About Element References

It is helpful to consider some terminology:

Elements - the objects we add to the model.

When we add elements, we may need to select other elements that are already in the model - we call them the Reference Elements.

Reference-elements - those elements that may need to be in the model before we can add a new element.

To delete an element, ...

If you want to delete a Reference-element you may also delete those elements that can only exist with the Reference-element.

A pop-up warning will list those elements that you will also delete in addition to the Reference-Element.

Thus, it may be useful to review the relationships before you delete an element.

It is also possible that you cannot delete an element before you delete a Reference-element.

The Reference Elements dialog-box


To open the Reference Elements dialog-box

1.Click an element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree so that it shows in Selection-Window

2.Right-click the element

3.Click Show Element references in the contextual-menu.

Example 1: Reference-Elements of a CAD-Line:


Its reference-elements are simple - there is a Point at each end of the CAD-Line

The Point22 is the start-Point of the CAD-Line

The Point25 is the end-Point of the CAD-Line

Example 2: Reference-Elements of a 2D-Cam


Its reference-elements are:

those elements that in the model before you can add the 2D-Cam (a Profile and a Part ( which is also defined by its start-Point and end-Point at the end of its CAD-Line).

and Reference-Elements are:

those elements that you may add to the model,  and need the 2D-Cam to exist in the model ( e.g.: we may add a Polyline to the 2D-Cam)