How to open a dialog-box

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How to open a dialog-box

How to open an element's dialog-box

There are many different methods you can use to open an element's dialog-box.

Method 1 is very reliable. You can also use Method 1 to Delete or Rename the element.

Method 2 is the quickest.

tog_minus-DARKMethod 1: Selection-Window

tog_minus-DARKMethod 2: Double-Click the element

tog_minus-DARKMethod 3: Right-Click the element

tog_minus-DARKMethod 4: Edit toolbar > Edit Element command

Other Procedures

tog_minus-DARKEdit Parts with the Part-Editor
tog_minus-DARKTo edit a Profile or an Auto-Profile

Possible reasons you cannot edit an element

You cannot open a dialog-box to edit an element when:

Reason: A different dialog-box is already open. Close all other dialog-boxes, if necessary.

Reason: A command is active in the Command-Manager. Complete or cancel the active command.

Reason: It is not possible to edit the element - e.g. : Profile, a Line in the Part-Editor.

Reason: You must SHIFT+CLICK a Profile to see the Profile and Extrusion in the Selection-Window, Edit the Extrusion.