How to edt a Parameter Value

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How to edt a Parameter Value

EXAMPLE: with the Machine-Settings dialog

You can open the Machine-Settings dialog from the Edit menu or the Edit toolbar:

1.Click Edit toolbar > Machine Settings Icon

Edit toolbar > Machine-Settings

Edit toolbar > Machine-Settings

The Machine-Settings dialog is open.

The Machine-Settings dialog

Machine-Settings dialog

Machine-Settings dialog

The Machine-Settings dialog.

Spin-Box tool

Spin-Box tool

Click the  Cycling Parameters   separator to show the parameters: Cycles/Min and No of Steps.

Parameter Box

There are three areas in each parameter box:

111.3 Red-14-1

Data-value - the value of the parameter

0.1 Red-14-2

Spin-Increment - see Spin-box tool



Spin-Box - see Spin-box tool


How to edit a Parameter-Value

Method 1: Spin-Box tool

Method 2: Zero / Round / Copy / Paste

Method 3: Enter an Equation