Firewalls, Virus-Checkers

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Firewalls, Virus-Checkers

Firewalls, Virus Checkers

Occasionally, your Virus Checker, Firewall , or IT department, may not allow you to:

Download MechDesigner from our website

Install MechDesigner

Run MechDesigner as Administrator

Access the internet to check your Product Key and License with the CopyMinder® database

You may need to:

Restore MechDesigner from Quarantine

Add exception paths

Add files to trust

Add IP addresses for the CopyMinder database servers

Exception Paths

Add these Exception Paths to your Virus Checker:

C:\Program Files\PSMotion\

C:\ProgramData\HW\ - this is path with the CopyMinder product key, etc.

CopyMinder Database Server IP addresses and Firewalls


MechDesigner checks your license in two CopyMinder databases servers. They are run by Microcosm Ltd.

The IP addresses of the servers are:

Primary Server:

Secondary Server:

Please add the IP addresses to your Firewall white-list.

Error Number: 34 - you cannot contact the CopyMinder database and servers

Extended Error: /F - indicates it is a trial installation

Example Norton Pop-ups


Norton: Download Insight

At the point when you try to install MechDesigner from the ZIP file, your virus checker may decide that the installation file, MechDesigner.EXE, is a threat.

Please click Run the program anyway.

Click to Expand/ Collapse

Click to Expand/ Collapse



Norton: Suspicious Network Activity.

MechDesigner uses a small program to check your Product-Key and License remain valid.

Add as an exception to your virus-checker:

This file:

C:ProgramData\HW\MD32_0_0(OR MDTRL)\CM\ MechDesigner.exe.cm64.exe

This Path:


Please use Allow Always, or Allow this Instances.


Norton Threat Alert Click to Expand or Collapse

Norton Threat Alert
Click to Expand or Collapse

Norton: Threat Detected!

Please click Exclude, to exclude CopyMinder as a threat.

Norton: Restoration from Quarantine


1.Open your Norton product

2.On the main window click Tasks on the Security History option

3.On the opened window click the menu and select Quarantine

4.On the list, find the file you want to restore -

5.Click More Details

6.On the new window click on Options (bottom)

7.Click Restore file

8.Check the Do not detect it again option during the restore

9.Close the windows