Firewalls, Virus-Checkers

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Firewalls, Virus-Checkers

Firewalls, Virus Checkers

Occasionally, your Virus Checker or Firewall may not allow you to:

Download MechDesigner from our website

Install MechDesigner

Run MechDesigner as Administrator

Check your Product Key and License with the CopyMinder® database.

You may need to:

Restore MechDesigner from 'Quarantine'

Add Exception Paths

Add files to trust.

Add IP addresses for the CopyMinder database servers.

Exception Paths

Add these Exception Paths to your Virus Checker:

C:\Program Files\PSMotion\

C:\ProgramData\HW\ - this is path with the CopyMinder product key, etc.

CopyMinder Database Server IP Addresses and Firewalls


MechDesigner must check a CopyMinder database to make sure your license is valid.

The IP addresses for the CopyMinder databases are.

Primary Server:

Secondary Server:

Please add these IP addresses to your Firewall white-list.

These servers are run by Microcosm Ltd, the developer of the CopyMinder Software Protection System.

The pop-up message '34' will show if you cannot contact the CopyMinder database and servers – /F indicates it is a trial installation.

Typically, you will need to add the IP addresses to your Firewall white-list.

tog_minusExample Norton 'Pop-ups'

tog_minusNorton 'Restoration from Quarantine':