Firewalls, Virus Checkers

Occasionally, your Virus Checker or Firewall may not allow you to:

Download MechDesigner from our website
Install MechDesigner
Run MechDesigner as Administrator
Check your Product Key and License with the CopyMinder® database.

You may need to:

Restore MechDesigner from 'Quarantine'
Add Exception Paths
Add files to trust.
Add IP addresses for the CopyMinder database servers.

Exception Paths

Add these Exception Paths to your Virus Checker:

C:\Program Files\PSMotion\
C:\Program Files\PSMotion\SW_TLByyyy_64\ (Note: yyyy is the release year).

CopyMinder Database Server IP Addresses and Firewalls


MechDesigner must check the CopyMinder database to make sure your license is valid.

The IP addresses for the CopyMinder databases are.

Primary Server :
Secondary Server:

Please add these IP addresses to your Firewall white-list.

These servers are run by Microcosm Ltd., the developer of the CopyMinder Software Protection System.

The pop-up message '34' will show if you cannot contact the CopyMinder database and servers – /F indicates it is a trial installation.

Typically, you will need to add the IP addresses to your Firewall white-list.

tog_minusExample Norton 'Pop-ups'


Norton: Download Insight

At the point when you try to install MechDesigner from the ZIP file, it is possible that your virus checker may decide that the file is a 'threat'.

Please click 'Run the program anyway'.

Click to Expand/ Collapse
Click to Expand/ Collapse



Norton: Suspicious Network Activity.

There is a database on two different servers that have the copy of your Product Key. They are operated by Microcosm Ltd in the UK, the owner of CopyMinder.

MechDesigner must occasionally check with a CopyMinder database to make sure your license remains valid.

1.Add the file that does the CopyMinder check as an exception:

C:\ProgramData\HW\MD32_0_0(or MDTRL)\cm\ mechdesigner.exe.cm64.exe

2.Add this path as an exception:


3.Add these CopyMinder IP addresses to your firewall white-list:
Primary Server :
Secondary Server:

Please use 'Allow Always', or 'Allow this Instance'.


Norton Threat Alert Click to Expand or Collapse
Norton Threat Alert
Click to Expand or Collapse

Norton: Threat Detected!

If this pop-up shows, then please use the 'Exclude' in the drop-down list to exclude this traffic to the CopyMinder as a threat.

tog_minusNorton 'Restoration from Quarantine':


1.Open your Norton product
2.On the main window click 'Tasks' on the Security History option
3.On the opened window click on the menu and select Quarantine
4.On the list, find the file you want to restore -
5.Click on More Details
6.On the new window click on Options (bottom)
7.Click on Restore file
8.Check the 'Do not detect it again' option during the restore
9.Close the windows

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