Files on yorur PC.

Where are the MechDesigner Files after installation?

These are the directories that we add to your computer when we install MechDesigner.

If a directory is hidden on your PC, then you must do : Start > Control Panel > File Explorer Options > View tab | Radio-button: select 'Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives'.

Directories and Path that we add when we install MechDesigner.

Directories and Path that we add when we install MechDesigner.

Installation Path:

<install directory> [* See Default Locations below]

Typically: C:\Program Files\PSMotion\MD13 PRO64\


<install directory>\SW_TLByyyy_64\

Database files:


See also: Help menu > Edit Language Database - to update the hints and tool-tips [not recommended for casual user]

Local Help [also called and Contextual Help]:


See also: How to download Local Help

User defined environment and application settings:


See also: Edit menu > Application Settings : 'Save' / 'Load' buttons

Example Models


See: Help menu > Internet sub-menu > Download Example Models

MechDesigner.INI file


Tutorials Automatically Download to:


Macro Enabled Excel 'application' to create Timing Diagrams :

<CommonAppData\PSMotion\Timing Diagram.xlsm  <

<LocalAppData\PSMotion\Timing Diagram.xlsm

CopyMinder Protection Text Files

There are two files that you may need to send to PSMotion if you have problems with 'CopyMinder' :

Protection Key Number: C:\ProgramData\HW\MD32_0_0\cm\ [File type: 'Configuration settings']

CopyMinder Log File: C:\ProgramData\HW\MD32_0_0\cm\ [File type: 'Text Document']

Default Locations:

<install directory> – C:\Program Files\PSMotion\MDxx Pro64
<CommonAppData> – C:\ProgramData\PSMotion\
<LocalAppData> : typically C:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\PSMotion\
<username> : 'Kevin' in my case

Can you see...?

C:\ProgramData\ ?
C:\users\<user name>\AppData\ ?

If not, make this setting change on your PC:

Start > Control Panel > File Explorer Options > View tab |
Click 'Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives'.

Note: In the Control-Panel, it may help to change the view option. At the top of Windows® Control-Panel, use 'Large icons' or 'Small icons' in the 'View by ' drop-down.


xx = MechDesigner release number

yyyy = SOLIDWORKS release year

Other Files

<user account>_*.memopad

Names of the Memos' you can add to the Model and each Mechanism name-tab.

* 'Model' and 'Mechanism' name-tab.


Tutorial and Reference Help Files for MechDesigner and MotionDesigner 13.2 + © Machine, Mechanism, Motion and Cam Design Software by PSMotion Ltd