Traffic Lights: Auto rebuild toggle button


Auto Rebuild : model is always up-to-date.

The model automatically updates when you edit:

A Motion-Dimension FB
A Motion in MotionDesigner (when the Traffic-light in MotionDesigner is also active)
The geometry of any kinematically-defined Part with the Part-Editor
Any parameter in a Function-Block.


Auto Rebuild : model may not be up-to-date - see the 'Fort' icon for the active state [below

The model does not update with all commands.
Cams do not update when you edit parameters.
However, it is still possible to add Parts, Joints and Function-Blocks.
The model rebuilds when you click inactive Rebuild button to make it 'active' again.

'Fort' Rebuild Now toggle button


Rebuild Now: The model is up-to-date

When the Fort icon is in theis state, he model is up-to-date to the latest edit.

This icon should be in this state, when 'Auto-Rebuild is always up-to-date' [see above]


Rebuild Now: The model is not up-to-date

This icon should only be in this state when Auto-Rebuild may not be up-to-date [see above], and you have made an edit to the model or parameter.

To rebuild the model 'Fort'

1.Click this icon to update the model to the latest state


1.Click the Auto-Rebuild icon to make the model always up-to-date


Note-Pencil-20 Large Model Tips:

Make Auto-rebuild Inactive. Then experiment. Many commands continue when Rebuild is inactive. Then make it active and then inactive again, every 4-5 commands to rebuild.
Number-of-Steps : Make 90, or even less. You do not need many steps for a machine cycle while you build the model.
Show Model in the Mechanism-Editor : Do not use as you edit model's kinematics, if possible.
Image Quality : Change to 'Low', then save and re-open the model. Do this when there are many Solids in the model.
Spin-Box tool. In each dialog-box, do not use the Spin-Box tool when the model is large, because the model will update after each click. Use your keyboard to enter new values in each data box.

Note-Pencil-20   Toggle Auto-Rebuild on and off at least one time to the always up-to-date state before you do important analysis with your model.

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