Edit | Auto Rebuild / Rebuild Now

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Edit | Auto Rebuild / Rebuild Now

Auto Rebuild

Note: Edit toolbar only


See also Rebuild Now

Click the Auto-Rebuild button to toggle between the Active-Mode and the Inactive-Mode.



The model should be up-to date - see Top-Tips, below.



The model may not be up-to-date.


To make sure the model is up-to-date with all settings of all parameters:

1.Click Rebuild Now

2.Toggle Auto Rebuild to the Inactive-Mode and then back to the Active-Mode.

3.Move the Master-Machine-Angle to Home (Do ALT+H (Run menu > Home)).

4.Edit a Part, then Exit the Part-Editor. This also rebuilds the model.

5.If a 2D-Cam is the model, edit a 2D-Cam, and then exit the 2D-Cam dialog-box

6.Click Rebuild now.