To link a Motion to a Motion-Part

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To link a Motion to a Motion-Part

To link a Motion to a Motion-Part

We display for you the motion as a graph. However, it is much better when you can watch a Part (in MechDesigner) move with the motion in the graph.

To make a Part in MechDesigner move with a motion that is in MotionDesigner, you link the motion to a Motion FB (in the MechDesigner model).

The motion-values at the input-connector of a Motion FB become the X–axis values of the motion-graph.

The motion-values at the output-connector of a Motion FB become the Y–axis values of the motion-graph.

In the MechDesigner model, we connect the Motion FB to other FBs with wires to give the motion-values to a Motion-Part or Motion-Point, and so the model moves.

Add more Motion name-tabs in MotionDesigner.

When you start MechDesigner, there is one motion in MotionDesigner. The name-tab is Motion0.

Usually, you will need to design more than one motion.

In MotionDesigner

STEP 1: Add new Motion tabs

1.Click MotionDesigner to make MotionDesigner active

2.Click File toolbar > Add Motion

Do STEP 2 again, to add more motions

The default motion-names, after Motion0, become Motion1, Motion2...

STEP 2: Rename the Motions

It is easy to rename each motion:

1.Click a Motion name-tab to make the motion active

2.Right-Click the Motion name-tab

The Rename Motion dialog opens

3.Enter a New Name

4.Click OK

How to Link a Motion to a Motion-FB

Link a motion to a Motion FB that you add to the MechDesigner model.

In MechDesigner

STEP 1: Add a Motion FB to the graphic-area

1.Click Kinematic-FB toolbar > Motion FB

2.Click the graphic-area.

The Motion FB is now in the graphic-area

In the default case, the Motion FB links to the left-most Motion name-tab in MotionDesigner.

To link the Motion FB to a different motion, edit the Motion FB.

STEP 2: Open the Motion FB dialog

1.Double-click the Motion FB in the main graphic-area, or Assembly-Tree.

The Motion FB dialog is now open.

STEP 3: In the open Motion FB dialog, select a Motion-name for the motion

1.Click the down-arrow of the Select Motion list-box

2.Click a Motion name in the drop-down list

STEP 4: Close the Motion FB dialog

1.Click GST-OK-11-15 at the top of the dialog