To link a Motion to a Motion-Part in MechDesigner

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To link a Motion to a Motion-Part in MechDesigner

Linking a Motion to a Motion-Part

Motions are defined with mathematical functions. You do not need to know the mathematics. The functions are displayed as graphs in MotionDesigner.

Each function has an input from which we get the variable output. The input to the function is a value on the X-axis of the motion graph. The output from the function is a value on the Y-axis.

To make a Part in MechDesigner move with the motion as specified in the motion-graph in MotionDesigner, we must link the motion to a Motion FB in the MechDesigner model.

The motion-values at the input-connector of a Motion FB become the X–axis values of the motion-graph.

The motion-values at the output-connector of a Motion FB become the Y–axis values of the motion-graph.

In the MechDesigner model, we connect the Motion FB to other FBs with wires to give the motion-values to a Motion-Part or Motion-Point, and so the model moves.

Add more motion name-tabs in MotionDesigner.

When you start MechDesigner, there is one motion name-tab in MotionDesigner at the top of the graph-area. The motion-name is Motion0. It becomes the motion that is applied to any new Motion FB you add to the model. You must edit the Motion FB to change the motion-name. Usually, you will need to design more than one motion.


STEP 1: Add new Motion tabs

1.Click MotionDesigner to make MotionDesigner active

2.Click File toolbar > Add Motion

Do Step 2 again, to add more motions

The default motion-names, after Motion0, become Motion1, Motion2...

STEP 2: Rename the Motions

It is easy to rename each motion:

1.Click a Motion name-tab to make the motion active

2.Click the Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings > Motion-tab

3.In the Motion name separator, enter a new name for the motion

4.Press the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm the motion name

5.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Active Motion Settings dialog

How to Link a Motion to a Motion-FB

Link a motion that is identified by its motion name-tab in MotionDesigner to a Motion FB that you add to the MechDesigner model.

You will need to connect wires to the input and output-connectors of the Motion-FB. Its output will move a Motion-Part or a Motion-Point.


STEP 1: Add a Motion FB to the graphic-area

1.Click Kinematic-FB toolbar > Motion FB

2.Click the graphic-area.

The Motion FB is now in the graphic area

Automatically, the Motion FB is linked to the left-most Motion name-tab in MotionDesigner, which has the name Motion0 in the default case.

To link the Motion FB to a different motion, you must edit the Motion FB.

STEP 2: Open the Motion FB dialog-box

1.Double-click the Motion FB in the main graphic-area, or Assembly-Tree

Or, see How to Open a dialog-box

The Motion FB dialog-box is now open.

STEP 3: In the open dialog, select a Motion-name for the motion

1.Click the down-arrow of the Select Motion list-box to show the motion-names as defined by the Motion-name tabs in MotionDesigner

This assumes you have more than one motion in MotionDesigner.

2.Click a motion-name in the drop-down list

STEP 4: Close the Motion FB dialog-box

1.Click OK-tiny-11-15 at the top of the dialog-box