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Explore the User Inerface

MotionDesigner: Main User Interface

Note: Reset the MotionDesigner interface if it is not displayed correctly or fully. To reset: Drag its vertical left-side a small amount.

MotionDesigner Terminology:

Segment :

A motion is divided, or split, into segments. Different segments are needed to satisfy multiple motion-design requirements in a machine-cycle.

Blend-Point :

Blend-Points are at the start and end of each segment. They bind segments together, so the motion continues from segment to segment.

Each Blend-Point has a motion-value at the end of a Segment and a motion-value at the start of the following segment.

Motion-Law :

You can select a motion-law (from many) for each Segment. Each Motion-Law is a mathematical expression to give the motion-values between each Blend-Point. Select a Motion-Law to suit the motion-design requirements, and/or the dynamics of a machine. You do not need to do any math.

Motion-Derivative :

Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk are the first, second, and third motion-derivatives of Position. Simply, the gradient of a graph is its motion-derivative. The gradient of Position is Velocity, the gradient of Velocity is Acceleration, the gradient of Acceleration is Jerk.  

Segment Editor :

An interface to edit the Motion-Law, motion-values of the Blend-Points, and other parameters that may refine the motion-values of a segment.

Blend-Point Editor :

An interface to edit the motion-values at the End of the Previous-Segment and the Start of the Selected Segment.

Selected-Segment :

The active segment. It is a different color from the other segments in a motion.

Previous-Segment :

The segment immediately preceding (earlier than/before) the Selected-Segment.

Next-Segment :

The segment immediately following (later than / after) the Selected-Segment.


MotionDesigner :


Red-14-2Motion-Name tabs

Red-14-3 Motion-Law Selector

Red-14-4 Motion-Width [Read-Only]

Red-14-5 Motion Values at Machine Angle Evaluator

Red-14-6 Motion Values at Pointer Evaluator

Red-14-7 Motion Graphs

Red-14-8 Motion Graph re-size drag-handles.

Blend-Point Editor - see Blend-Point Editor

Edit the X-axis value of a Blend-Point

Edit the Y-axis motion-values (PVAJ) of each Blend-Point

Segment-Editor - see Segment Editor

Edit the Segment-Width of each segment.

Edit the Y-axis motion-values of each Blend-Point

Edit the segment's Motion-Law

Edit the segment-parameters associated with each Motion-Law.

tog_minusMotionDesigner:  Float or Dock.
tog_minusMotionDesigner: Toolbars
tog_minusMotion Name-Tabs
tog_minusMotion-Law Selector
tog_minusMotionDesigner:  Motion-Values at Machine-Angle Evaluator
tog_minusMotionDesigner: Motion-Values at Pointer Evaluator