Tutorial 22: Working with Large Models

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Tutorial 22: Working with Large Models

Working with LARGE Models.

SPECIAL CASE: Sweep Display dialog-box in MotionDesigner :

If the model cycles very slowly, make sure the MotionDesigner Sweep-Display dialog-box is not active.

This tool is found MotionDesigner > Edit toolbar > Sweep Display.

Use Briefcase FBs

Use Briefcase FBs to manage large numbers of FBs that are in the graphic-area. Please try to learn how they can help you.

Modelling toolbar > Briefcase FB

Edit menu > Machine Settings > Number-of-steps :

Make sure the number-of-steps in MechDesigner and MotionDesigner are not too high.

Increasing the number-of-steps does not increase the accuracy of the model. You can edit the number of points along a cam-profile when you export the cam.


Edit menu > Machine-Settings > Number-of-Steps

For large files, make the Number-of-Steps ≤ 90.

There are not many occasions when you must make the Number-of-Steps ≥ 360.


Edit menu > Active-Motion-Settings > Motion tab > Motion Cycle Data separator.

Make the Number-of-Steps = 360.

Click the Graphic-Area to update :

Click the graphic-area to complete a command if it does not complete correctly.

Click the graphic-area after you open a large model.

Click the graphic-area after you click a different Mechanism-Editor

Rebuild Traffic-Light' and 'Rebuild Castle'

There is a Traffic-Light tool in MechDesigner AND MotionDesigner. The default Traffic-Light setting is Green. In this case, the model is rebuilt after each command or edit of a parameter. When the model is large, editing can be become slow.

To increase modeling speed:

Deselect the Traffic-Lights, to model more easily and faster.

to select elements - for example, as you add new elements to the model

to edit parameters - for example, a dimension

to open dialog-boxes - for example to open a Function-Block dialog-box

to edit a motion (make the Traffic-Light in MotionDesigner Red)

to Add Ball-Joint if the model has many elements and you cannot select a Point.

Click the Castle - Rebuild Now - command to rebuild the model if:

The model does not complete a command.

When there are 'motion-dependencies'. A motion-dependency is when a motion of a Motion-Part is a function of a different Motion-Part. You may need to click the Traffic-Light two times.

If the Model does not seem to be update to include the last command, then 'Edit a Part 'and immediately 'Exit the Part-Editor '.


SOLIDWORKS Parts may have cosmetic detail that you do not need in the MechDesigner model. The cosmetic details can make the graphics in MechDesigner slow to respond. For example, if you want to pan the model across your screen, with CTRL+Drag.

To increase the speed, and to reduce the time to open a model with SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies:

Save all SOLIDWORKS Parts or Assemblies to the same path, or sub-path, or the MechDesigner model path.

Before you save SOLIDWORKS Part, add a new configuration to the SOLIDWORKS Part. In the new configuration:

Suppress small fillets on all parts

Use chamfers and not 'rounds' (internal fillets)

Suppress tapped-holes

Before you import a SolidWorks Assembly, add a new configuration to the SOLIDWORKS Assembly. In the new configuration:

Suppress washers, bolts... - unless important. (Use the 'Fix Mate' if the assembly needs the parts that you suppress).

Suppress Springs

Optionally, save the Assembly as a Part.