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Tool-tips show at your mouse-pointer when you pause above a toolbar icon. Tool-tips give the command's name, its purpose and a hint. Depending on your experience, you may not want to show the tool-tips.

To turn off tool-tips:


2.Clear the Show Hints check-box in the Menus separator

 - or -

1.Click slowly two times: Help menu > Toggle Hints

* The tool-tips always show in the Extended Hints box, at the bottom and left-side of the Feedback Area.


Text Formatting


The names we use for the 'objects' that we add to the model.

Element names: 

Element-names are written as a Proper Noun, like the name of a city, for example: Mumbai, they have a Capital First Letter. For example: Part

Compound Element: 

Compound elements: use a hyphen, '-' ,between each word - For example: Motion-Dimension, Function-Block


Lists that are not a sequence of instructions use bullets

Bullet 1: Information
Bullet 2: More Information


Ordered instructions use numbers, or letters, even if there is only one instruction step:

1.Instruction 1 - Do Step 1
2.Instruction 2 - Do Step 2


English grammar is made as simple as possible. To native English speakers, it might seem quirky at times.

See more...

You can click headings to expand and collapse sections to read more.

For example: you can:

tog_minus        Click this heading to see more...

The first time you click 'Click this heading to see more...' this section 'expands' to show this text.

If you click 'Click this heading to see more...' again, the section 'collapses', to hide this text.

You can also expand sections inside sections.

minus        Click this heading also...

 If you click 'Click this heading also...' again, then this section 'collapses', to hide this text.

Green Text

When you click green text, you will see a 'pop-up' section. To close the pop-up, click a different area of the display.

Play Video

When you see an image with a 'play video' icon, click the image to play the video.


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