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Web Help

Use this link, if you are not working on-line now: On-line Help. You will need an internet connection, web-browser and video player.

Web Help is usually the most up-to-date.

To select a help topic:

Use the Table of Contents - to the left.

To perform a Quick Search:

In the 'Quick Search' box, enter a search term and click 'Search'.

Look at the search results and descriptions in the main panel to determine the best match. Beneath each description is a breadcrumb trail that reflects the topic hierarchy.

To perform a more detailed search:

Click the Search or Keyword Search tab.

Enter a term in the box. and look at the results.

Pop-ups, Videos

Pop-ups: When you click green text, you will see a pop-up dialog. We use pop-ups when you do not need change to a different help topic.

Videos: When you see an image with a 'play video' icon, click the image to play the video. You may need 'Flash Player'.

Expand Text

You can toggle help sections to 'read more' or to 'read less'.

For example: you can:

tog_minusClick this heading to

The first time you click 'Click this heading to see more...' this section 'expands' to show this text.

If you click 'Click this heading to see more...' again, the section 'collapses', to hide this text.

You can also expand sections inside sections.

 If you click 'Click this heading also...' again, then this section 'collapses', to hide this text.

Local Help [CHM]

To get contextual help for each command, dialog, or parameter, while you use MechDesigner, you must download the Local Help file: MechDesigner.chm.

See How to download and use the Local-Help ; Files on your PC


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