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Help formats

Web Help

On-Line Web Help is usually the most up-to-date.

Using the On-Line Help:

To select a help topic :


Expand and explore the Table of Contents

To perform a Quick Search :


Enter a search term in the Quick Search box, and click Search.

Look at the search results and descriptions in the main panel to determine the best match. Beneath each description is a breadcrumb trail of the topic hierarchy.

To perform a more detailed search :


Click the Search or Keyword Index tab, and enter a term in the box.

Look at the results.

Pop-ups, Videos

Pop-ups: When you click green text, you will see a pop-up dialog. We use pop-ups for low-level information, terminology and reminders of less complex topics.

Videos: Click the image to play the video. Note: from January 2021, videos in SWF file-type are not supported by Adobe®.

SWF videos are being replaced with the MP4 file-type videos for the on-line help, and with the GIF file-type videos for the off-line help (MechDesigner.CHM). If you find a Video that does not play, please email us, and we can replace it with a video of the correct file-type.

Expand Text

You can expand or collapse help sections to read more or to read less. For example, you can:

Local Help (CHM)

To get contextual help for each command, dialog, or parameter, you must download the Local Help file: MechDesigner.CHM

See How to download and use the Local-Help ; Files on your PC

Download Local Help Manually

If all other methods fail, use this link to download the local help file: Globe-www MechDesigner.CHM

You must exit MechDesigner and put the file in: C:/ProgramData/PSMotion/Help/

Restart MechDesigner - and use the F1 key to get local contextual help for each command and parameter.