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Help formats

Web Help

The On-Line Help is usually the most up-to-date.

To use the On-Line Help:

Select a help topic :

Expand and explore the Table of Contents

Do a Quick Search :

Enter a term in the Quick Search box, and click Search.

Look at the search results and descriptions in the main panel to determine the best match. Beneath each description is a breadcrumb trail of the topic hierarchy.

Do a more detailed search :

Click the Search or Keyword Index tab, enter a term in the box.

Look at the results.


When you click a pop-up link, you will see a pop-up dialog. We use pop-ups for low-level information, terminology, and reminders of less complex topics.


Click the image to play the video.

If you find a Video that does not play, please email us, and we will replace it with a video of the correct file-type.

Expand Text

You can expand or collapse help sections to read more or to read less.

For example:

tog_minus        Click this heading to

Local Help (CHM)

MechDesigner.CHM is installed when you install MechDesigner. This is the help you will see when open the help from within the MechDesigner application. For example, when you press the F1 key on your keyboard if your mouse-pointer is above an icon.

See How to download and use the Local-Help