Contextual-Help: Tool-tips, F1, '?'

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Contextual-Help: Tool-tips, F1, '?'

Help while you use MechDesigner:

When you start to use MechDesigner, you usually need help with different commands.

The sources of help for MechDesigner are:

Local Help


Tutorial Videos - see Help menu

Messages in Feedback-Area

Local help that is contextual to Commands, Dialogs, and Parameters:

Command Help:

COMMAND HELP: Press the F1 key to open the local help at the 'Machine Settings' topic

Help for a command

To open the local-help for a command:

1.Move your mouse-pointer above a command icon in a toolbar:

On a desktop:

2.Press the keyboard F1 function key.

On a laptop with a reduced key set:

2.Press the Fn+F1 keys together.

Dialog Help: 

Dialog Help: Click the ? at the top of each dialog to open the local help

Help for a dialog

There is a set of three / four icons at the top of each dialog.

To open the local-help for the dialog:

1.Click the DialogHelp icon.

Parameter Help:

PARAMETER HELP: Click when the parameter help '?' shows, to open help at the parameter topic

Help for a parameter

Each dialog has Parameters that you edit to control the element.

If there is an icon to the left of a parameter data-box:

1.Move your mouse-pointer over the Parameter icon

A Help is now over the Parameter icon


2.Move your mouse-pointer down a little

When you see the Help icon, AND your mouse-pointer is not above the Help icon:

3.Click your mouse-button


To Enable Tool-Tips:

Enable tool-tips :

1.Click Edit menu (or toolbar) > Application-Settings | Accessibility tab > Menus >

2.Clear the Enable Hints and Tool-tips check-box


1.Click Help menu > Toggle Hints (2×?)

To see a Tool-Tip:

Commands: move your mouse-pointer above a toolbar command, and pause a short time.

Dialogs: move your mouse-pointer above each parameter.

To download the latest Local-Help

You must be run MechDesigner as Administrator.

To run MechDesigner as Administrator (from the Windows Desktop):

1.Right-click MechDesigner in the Start menu, taskbar, or desktop

2.Click Run as Administrator

After MechDesigner opens:

3.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

4.Click the Download Now button.

5.Check the Feedback-Area > Messages

If the message is: Failed to Create: C:\ProgramData\PSMotion\Help\MechDesigner.chm,, then see Permissions

If the progress-bar under the Download Now button is making progress, then please wait until the last message is: Download Successful.

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tog_minusHow to use the Local Help

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