Add Gear-Pair and Gear-Pair elements

Before you can use Add Gear-Pair, you must add four elements.


Before 'Add Gear-Pair':

We need:

Three [3] Parts1s-red2s3s:
otwo Parts that are kinematically-defined [Green Part-Outlines], and
oone Part that is not kinematically-defined [Blue Part-Outline].
Three Lines: a Line in each Part 5s
Two Pin-Joints7s8s: a Pin-Joint at the each end of the 'middle' Line5s to join it to the other two Lines4s6s , at thend of
A Dimension: the 'middle' Line5s must have a dimension to give its length. Use the Part-Editor to give its length.


Line5s and the Part2s may move or be stationary [fixed] relative to the Base-Part.

Each Line can also be a CAD-Line

Command Manager - before you select the elements

Command Manager - before you select the elements

Command Manager - after you select the elements.

Command Manager - after you select the elements.


After 'Add Gear Pair':

Part3s becomes a kinematically-defined Part [ its Part-Outline changes from Blue to Green]

The name of the new element in the Kinematics-Tree is a Geared-Rocker.

Two Gears

The two Gears move with Part1s-red and Part3s
The centres-of-rotation of the two gears are at the two Pin-Joints7s8s

The 'middle' Line 5s becomes, in name only, the 'Line-of-Centres'.

'Add Gear-Pair' command: Videos

tog_minus        Two 'Fixed Gear-Centres'

How to...Add a 'Fixed' Gear-Pair.

tog_minus        One 'Fixed' and one 'Orbiting Gear-Centre'

How to...Add an 'Orbiting' Gear-Pair.

Geared-Rocker elements in the Kinematics-Tree


See Kinematics-Tree

The kinematic-chain for the gear arrangements as defined above, is:

1s-red Kinematically-defined Part

This Part is any rotating-Part that is a 'kinematically-defined Part'.

In this case, the kinematically-defined Part is a Rocker

2s Geared-Rocker

The kinematic elements for a Geared-Rocker are a:


and a

Gear-Pair element

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