Tutorial 1: Add a Part that Rotates - a Crank

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Tutorial 1: Add a Part that Rotates - a Crank

Add a Part that rotates:

To add your first kinematic-chain – a Part that rotates at constant angular velocity - also called Uniform Rotary Motion.

To learn the different methods to do each step.

Each step is explained in detail - almost tedious detail!

Note: In an actual machine, a 'Part that Rotates', may be a: shaft, cam-shaft, indexing shaft, turret, star-wheel, ...

Terminology : the technical language for the important elements we use in Tutorial 1

Term :

Description and definition.

Element :

Physical and abstract objects we add to the model to build the machine.

Plane :

A flat surface, defined by its XY-axes. The Front-View (F3) of a Plane is normal to its XY-axes.

Mechanism-Plane :

The Plane to which the active Mechanism-Editor has been added.

Mechanism-Editor :

The graphic-area, the Mechanism name-tab, and the Contextual toolbars.

Base-Part :

The fixed frame in each Mechanism-Editor. The Base-Part has a rectangular Part-Outline.

Part :

The fixed or moving rigid-bodies. Parts we add to model have an oval Part-Outline.

Kinematic-Joint :

Kinematic-Joints constrain the relative movement between two Parts.

Pin-Joint :

A Kinematic-Joint that constrains Points in two different Parts to be coincident on the Mechanism-Plane.

Slide-Joint :

A Kinematic-Joint that constrains Lines in two different Parts to be coincident on the Mechanism-Plane.

Kinematic-Chain :

Two or more Parts, joined with one or more Kinematic-Joints.

Kinematically-Defined Part (or chain) :

A Part (or Chain) that moves in a manner as specified by at least one Motion-Part.

Motion-Part :

A Part whose position and motion is specified by a Motion-Dimension FB.

Motion-Dimension FB :

A Function-Block that specifies the angular (angle) or linear position (distance) of a Part relative to a different Part.

Linear-Motion FB :

A Function-Block whose output increases at the same rate as the Master-Machine-Angle.

Master-Machine-Angle :

The machine-clock that, when you cycle the model, increases at a constant rate from 0 to 360, again and again.

Rocker :

A Motion-Part that rotates about a Pin-Joint.

Crank :

A Rocker whose motion is constant angular velocity.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

GST-Icon-AddMechanism Add a Part that Rotates – a Crank

Step 1.1: Add a new Mechanism-Editor / tab

Step 1.2: Add a Part

Step 1.3: Add a Line to the Base-Part

Step 1.4: Add a Pin-Joint

Step 1.5: Kinematically Define the Part

Step 1.6: Rotate the Part

Step 1.7: Edit the Length of the Crank

Video Tutorial 1


Add a Rotating-Part.