Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

You will use these keyboard shortcuts most frequently.

Change the View of the Model




Zoom-In :

Zoom-Out :



Zoom-In, Zoom-Out

The Zoom is centered at your mouse-pointer.



If I want to move PAN - say to the right - I place my mouse-pointer to the right, Zoom-Out with my Scroll-Wheel, then move my mouse-pointer to the middle and Zoom-In again with my Scroll-Wheel - this is very fast.

Pan :

CTRL + Drag

PAN Left or Right :

CTRL + Mouse_select_scroll-BLK(scroll wheel)

PAN up or down :

SHIFT + Mouse_select_scroll-BLK(scroll wheel)



Free-Spin :

SHIFT + Drag

10º spin :

GST-LeftArrowb-sm-lessthan , GST-LeftArrowb-sm-morethan , GST-UArrowb-sm or GST-Down-arrowb-sm

30º spin :

CTRL + GST-LeftArrowb-sm-lessthan , GST-LeftArrowb-sm-morethan , GST-UArrowb-sm or GST-Down-arrowb-sm

90º spin :

SHIFT + GST-LeftArrowb-sm-lessthan , GST-LeftArrowb-sm-morethan , GST-UArrowb-sm or GST-Down-arrowb-sm

Mouse-Button Shortcuts

Double-Click :

... an element to edit the it parameters with the element's dialog-box

Click Nothing :

... to deselect all elements

Click :

... an element to show  an element in the Selection-Window

CTRL+Click :

... an element to show the kinematic and dynamic properties of the element the Element-Properties dialog

Alt + Click :

... in the graphic-area to show a bulls-eye target of concentric rings. It has a scale to approximate the distance between elements - to a minimum of 0.1mm

Right-Click :

... an element to complete an active command for which you must select only one element

Right-Click :

... the graphic-area to cancel the active command.

Keyboard Shortcuts

F1 :

Hover above an toolbar icon, then click F1 (Fn+F1 on Laptops) to read the help for the command.  See also Help menu > Download Latest Help


Add a Part


Continuously Cycle


One Machine-Step Forward


One Machine-Step Back.


Stop Continuous Cycle and move the Master-Machine-Angle to 0º.

CTRL + Z :

Undo - This is quite powerful.


Cancel the active command.