Run menu


Run toolbar

Run toolbar : ABOVE the graphic-area.



Run Toolbar

Keyboard shortcuts:

Continuously Cycle

Keyboard shortcut: 'C' [not case-sensitive]

Step Forward

Keyboard shortcut: 'F' [not case-sensitive]


Keyboard shortcut: 'B' [not case-sensitive]


Keyboard shortcut: 'HOME' key

Note: Click in the Project-Explorer before you press the 'Home' Key.


If the 'C' shortcut does not stop are start the model, the 'Application Focus' may be the Motion-Law Selector. If a Motion-Law is Blue, then click in a Motion graph to clear the 'focus'.
Use the Run menu commands in the Part-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, and Model-Editor.
Machine Angle of Step Forward and Step Backward = 360 / Number-of-Steps.

See Edit menu [or toolbar] > Machine-Settings > Cycling Parameters > Number-of-Steps.

Use Master Machine Angle Slider to drag the model to any machine angle, to micro-inch [with the Spin-Tool] or to put the model at a precise machine angle.

Top-Tip: How to edit a Parameter AND Cycle the Model.

If you want to edit a design parameter in a dialog-box and cycle the model:

1.Click the element you want to edit so it shows in the Selection-Window - e.g. a Gearing FB
2.Click Cycle

The element should still be in the Selection-Window

Now you can edit the elements as the model cycles.

3.Right-click the element in the Selection-Window
4.Select edit from the contextual-menu

Edit any parameter in the dialog as the model cycles.


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