Tutorial 20: Design a Scroll or Feedscrew

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Tutorial 20: Design a Scroll or Feedscrew

Scrolls and Feed-screws

Typically, a Scroll regulates free-flowing 'packs'* that on a conveyor, into pockets on a rotating Star-Wheel, at the in-feed to a rotary machine.

Usually, at the entry to the scroll the packs are adjacent to each other. The scroll accelerates the packs so that they match the pitch of the pockets on the star-wheel.

It is also possible to rotate the packs about their vertical axis as they move along the scroll.

* A 'pack' is any product, typically a bottle. It is assumed its shape is approximately rigid and prismatic. Its section can be anything from Rectangular to Circular. There should not be any 'concave' sides to the Pack, for example a handle. If the Pack has a concave side, then re-draw the pack to remove the concave faces with a single line or arc.

This Tutorial:

1.Prepare the model to add a Scroll

2.Use the Scroll dialog to configure the Scroll ready for export to SOLIDWORKS.

3.Export the 3D-Cam to SOLIDWORKS® .

tog_minusSTEP 1: Pack: Shape and Motion-Points

tog_minusSTEP 2: Add rotational cross-section and rotational axis to represent the Scroll-Blank.

tog_minusSTEP 3: Add a Plane, Mechanism, and the Scroll Part

tog_minusStep 4: Define the Motion of the Pack

tog_minusStep 5: Add the Feedscrew element

tog_minusSTEP 6: Transfer the Scroll to SOLIDWORKS

tog_minusTroubleshoot SOLIDWORKS