Edit | Command History

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Edit | Command History


Use the Command-History dialog to undo or to redo more than one command at a time.

To open the Command-History dialog:

Command-History icon

1.Click Edit toolbar >Command History


1.Click Edit menu > Command History

The Command-History dialog is now open

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Command-History dialog

Command-History dialog

Command-History dialog

When you open the Command-History dialog, the most recent command is at the top of the list.

To Undo the Command-History:

1.Select a command lower in the Command-History.


2.Click YES to confirm you want to undo all of the commands.

3.Wait until all of the commands are undone.

Command History dialog

Command History dialog



To Redo the Command History:

1.Select a command higher than the undone commands

2.Wait until all commands are redone


If you do a new command before you Redo commands in the Command History, the new command becomes the top command in the Command-History list.

Then, you cannot redo the other commands.