Edit | Command History

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Edit | Command History

Command-History icon

Edit toolbar > Command History

Edit menu > Command History


When you open Command History, all of the commands you have completed will have a OK-tiny-11-15

The most recent command is at the top of the list.

Use Command History to undo and redo any number of commands at one time.

To Undo:

Select a command lower in the Command History.

MechDesigner asks permission before the model is undone to the command you select.

See also: Undo


To Redo:

Select a command towards the top of the list to 'redo' the commands.

MechDesigner rebuilds the commands.

See also: Redo

Note: If you want to redo your work back to the most recent command, do not do a new command. A new command will become the top command.