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File | New

File > New


File toolbar > New

File menu > New

Shortcut Key : CTRL+N

If the model is different to the most recently used file, then you must decide what to do before you start the new model.


Yes: Save the active model

No: Do not save the active model

Cancel: Cancel File > Save


Is the Part-Outline of the Base-Part coloured?

Show Forces Vectors enabled

Show Forces Vectors enabled

Show Forces is disabled

Show Forces is disabled

After File > New, there are two reasons the Part-Outline of the Base-Part is not the default color for a Part that is kinematically-defined.

A.Is Show Force-Vectors enabled?

To disable Show Force Vectors:

1.Click Forces toolbar (right of the graphic-area) > Show Force-Vectors

B.Is a Plane hiding the Base-Part?

A Plane can hide the Base-Part when Show Model in Mechanism is enabled.

To disable Show Model in Mechanism:

1.Click Visibility toolbar (above the graphic-area) > Show Model in Mechanism