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File menu > Open

File toolbar > Open

See also File toolbar > Import Library Files


You can open these file-types:

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Why so many .CXL and .MTD files?

If you explore to your model files, you will see many file-types. Why so many files?

They are different backup files.


CXL & MTD file-types: the standard default MechDesigner and MotionDesigner file-types.

ZXL file-type is equivalent to a ZIP file-type for MechDesigner


When you open a model the CXL and MTD files exist. The:

In general:

1.CXL.n and MTD.n are copied to CXL.n+1 and MTD.n+1

Thus if:

1.CXL.2 and MTD.2 exist already, they are copied to CXL.3 and MTD.3

2.CXL.1 and MTD.1 are copied to CXL.2 and MTD.2

3.CXL and MTD are copied to CXL.1 and MTD.1

4.A copy of CXL and MTD are saved to RAM


After every # commands:

1.The copy of CXL and MTD in RAM are saved to ~CXL and ~MTD on disk

2.A new copy of CXL and MTD are saved to RAM

WARNING : You overwrite the original model each Auto-Save

See Application Settings > General tab > File Options to edit:

Number-of-Back-up copies : n

Number-of-Commands between each Auto-Save : #

Do you want to use Auto-Save?

Do you want to save model to ZXL on exit?