How to select and edit an Extrusion element.

See Also: Hierarchy of Extrusions

To open the Edit Extrusion dialog-box, it is usually easier to identify and select a Pink [default] Profile Contour in the Mechanism-Editor.

However, if the you have imported a Solid from CAD, then it easier to select the imported Solid in the Model-Editor, and open the CAD-Line dialog-box.


Select the Profile and Extrusion in the Assembly-Tree or the graphic-area.

The image to the left shows many Profiles - all Pink - in the Mechanism graphic-area

1.Zoom in, with your middle scroll button on your mouse, and
2.Click the Profile you need to edit.
3.Review the Selection-Window



STEP 1: Click a Mechanism name-tab to make it the active Mechanism-Editor
STEP 2: Spin the View to show the Pink Profile contours in the graphic-area
STEP 3: Hover + Click to select a Profile
STEP 4: Make sure the Profile and Extrusion show in the Selection-Window
STEP 5: Right-click the Extrusion in the Selection-Window
STEP 6: Click Edit... in the contextual-menu


Note: If you Right-Click the Profile element, you cannot edit it, but you can delete it.  This will also delete the child to the Profile - the Extrusion.

If you delete an Auto-Profile, the Extrusion and the sketch-loop are deleted.



OPTION 2: If you can:

STEP 1: Hover + Click only one Profile/Extrusion:
STEP 2: Right-Click the Profile/Extrusion in the graphic-area.
STEP 3: Click the Edit Element icon Icon-EditElement.



STEP 1: Click the Part that is the Parent of the Profile.

In the Assembly-Tree, the Part Element shows with a red square around the Element icon

STEP 2: Click the small triangle to expand the Part in the Assembly-Tree to reveal the Profile and Extrusion
STEP 3: Right-click the Extrusion and select 'Edit'.



You can ONLY:

Edit Extrusions
Delete Profiles. MechDesigner will delete the Extrusion, (and the Sketch-loop if you delete an Auto-Profile).

tog_minus        How do I delete an Extrusion? You cannot! You must delete the Profile!


To Delete a Profile (and the Extrusion)

1.Click a Profile in the Assembly-Tree or the graphic-area, so that it shows in the Selection-Window.

The Profile and the Extrusion show in the Selection-Window

2.Right-Click the Profile you want to delete
3.Click 'Delete' from the menu

MechDesigner deletes the Profile and the Extrusion.

MechDesigner does not delete the Sketch-loop.


To Edit an Extrusion

1.Click an Extrusion in the Assembly-Tree, the Model or the Mechanism-Editor, so that it shows in the Selection-Window.

The Profile and the Extrusion show in the Selection-Window

2.Right-Click the Extrusion you want to edit
3.Click 'Edit' from the menu

MechDesigner opens the Extrusion dialog-box.

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