How do I edit Profiles and Extrusions?

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How do I edit Profiles and Extrusions?

How to select and edit an Extrusion element.


You can ONLY Edit Extrusions

You can ONLY Delete Profiles.  

If you delete Profile, you will also delete the Extrusion

Edit the Extrusion


Edit the Extrusion

When the Extrusion (Solid) is not in the Graphic-Area

Graphic-Area - Option 1:

The image to the left shows Profiles contours (Pink is the default color) for two elements in the graphic-area

1.Mechanism-Editor: Click a Mechanism name-tab to make it the active Mechanism-Editor

2.Mechanism-Editor: Spin the View to show the Pink Profile contours in the graphic-area

3.SHIFT+ Click a Profile

4.Selection-Window: Make sure the Profile and Extrusion show in the Selection-Window

5.Selection-Window: Right-click the Extrusion in the Selection-Window

6.Selection-Window: Click Edit element in the contextual-menu


Graphic-Area - Option 2:

1.Mechanism-Editor: Hover + Click one Profile/Extrusion

2.Mechanism-Editor: Right-Click the Profile/Extrusion in the graphic-area.

3.Mechanism-Editor: Click the Edit Element in the contextual-menu.



1.Mechanism-Editor: In the graphic-area, Click the Part that is the parent to the Profile.

In the Assembly-Tree, the Part element shows with a square around the Element icon

2.Assembly-Tree: Expand the tree for the Part to reveal the Profile and Extrusion

3.Assembly-Tree: Right-click the Extrusion and

4.Assembly-Tree: Click Edit element in the contextual-menu

Delete a Profile?


Delete the Profile (and the Extrusion)

1.Mechanism-Editor: Click a Profile in the Assembly-Tree or the graphic-area

The Profile shows in the Selection-Window

2.Right-Click the Profile

3.Click Delete element in the contextual-menu