To edit a 2D-Cam, Gear-Pair, Profile, Extrusion.

There are certain elements that are coincident with each other in the graphic-area.

For example: A Polyline element may be above a 2D-Cam, and a Profile/ Extrusion element may be above the Polyline.

When you want to edit one of these elements - the  - you may find you open a dialog-box that you do not want to open.

To edit the element that you want to edit 2D-Cam, Polyline, Profile, or Extrusion

There are two basic procedures:

PROCEDURE 1 - Selection-Window [preferred]

1.Click the element you want to edit the graphic-area

All of the coincident elements will show in the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the element you want to edit
3.Click 'Edit Element' in the contextual-menu

PROCEDURE 2 - Assembly-Tree

1.Find the element in the Assembly-Tree
2.Click the element in the Assembly-Tree to select it.
3.Right-click the element you want to edit
4.Click 'Edit Element' in the contextual-menu

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