Machine Settings

Use the Machine Settings dialog-box to change the Machine Speed, Number-of-Steps in a machine-cycle, and the edit the Engineering Units.

See Edit menu > Machine Settings

Open Machine-Settings dialog-box


- or -


1.Click Edit toolbar > Application-Settings

The Machine-Settings dialog-box is now open.

Machine Settings dialog-box



btn_delkeyword Cycling Parameters 
Cycling Parameters

Cycling Parameters

Cycles  ∕  Min: (See also Note 1 )

RPM: Revolutions per Minute of the Machine.

MotionDesigner reads this parameter.

Note: Time ∕ Cycle - calculate as: 60 ∕ (Cycle ∕ min)

Number-of-Steps: (See also Note 4 )

The number of increments in one machine-cycle (Master-Machine-Angle 0 - 360)

120 is a value to use in most cases.


Number-of-Steps and cam-points. Use the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box - ( see also Note 2 )
Number-of-Steps = the number of data-points along each graph in the Graph FB
Number-of-Steps = facets along the curve of a Trace-Point
Number-of-Steps = points in the Motor Torque and Speed Curves
btn_delkeyword Engineering Units 
Engineering Units

Engineering Units

(See also Note 3 )



mm (default), cm, metres, inch.



deg (default), radians, cycles



N (Newtons) (default), Pound force (lbf)



N.m,, (default), ft.lbf



Pascal (Pa) (N ∕ m2) (default), Mega Pascals (Pa) (N ∕ mm2), PSI (lbf ∕ in2).



kg (default), gms (grams), lb, oz


Note 1: Cycles ∕ Min does not change the animation-speed. Change the animation-speed with the Animation Speed Slider.

Note 2: You do not increase the accuracy of a Cam with more steps in this dialog. Calculate and export cam points for cam manufacture with any number of points: see Cam-Coordinates dialog-box.

Note 3: We do not display the dimensional units in the graphic-area.

If you change the dimension units, we do not change the size of the model.

E.g. A length dimension that is 100 becomes 3.94 when you change from mm to inch.

E.g. An angular dimension that is 100 becomes 1.75 when you change from degrees to radians.

Note 4: Warnings: The model is calculated for each step of the machine-cycle.

If you increase the number of steps, the model will become less responsive.

A 'high' number-of-points does not make the model more accurate.
If you want to move the model with small steps, use the spin-box in the Master Machine Angle DRO

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