Dialog: Machine-Settings

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Dialog: Machine-Settings


Use the Machine-Settings dialog-box to change the Machine Speed, Number-of-Steps in a machine-cycle, and to edit the Engineering Units.

Open Machine-Settings dialog-box


1.Click Edit toolbar > Machine-Settings

- or -

1.Click Edit menu > Machine-Settings

The Machine-Settings dialog-box is now open.

Machine Settings dialog-box

tog_minus Cycling Parameters 
tog_minus Engineering Units 

More about the Machine Settings Parameters.

Note 1: Cycles ∕ Min does not change the animation-speed.

Change the animation-speed with the Animation Speed Slider.

Note 2: A high number-of-points does not make the model (or Cams) more accurate.

As you increase the number-of-steps, the model become slower.

To move the model with small steps (increments), we recommend you use the Spin-Box in the Master Machine Angle.

Note 3: If you change the dimension units, we do not change the size of the model.

E.g. 100mm becomes 3.94inch when you change dimensional units from mm to inch.

E.g. 100degrees becomes 1.75radians when you change dimensional units from degrees to radians

In all cases, we do not display dimensional units in the graphic-area.