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View toolbar and menu

The View toolbar is below the graphic area.

View menu


View toolbar

The View toolbar is BELOW the graphic-area.


View Toolbar icons


Front ; Back ; Left ; Right ; Top ; Bottom

Front-View is the XY-Plane of the active Mechanism-Editor

TOP-TIP:  Clipped Models - if part of the model does not display correctly in the graphic-area, it is a Clipped-Model. Models of very large machines, e.g. Large Rotary Machines, can become clipped.

If the model is clipped:

1.Click Front-View

2.Click Zoom-Extents


View Normal to a Plane

To make the view normal() to a Plane:

1.Click View Normal to Plane

2.Click a Plane

3.Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager


View Align:

Part-Editor : make horizontal the X–axis of the Part

Mechanism-Editor : make horizontal the X–axis of the Base-Part


SPIN - Smooth (Shortcut : SHIFT+DRAG)

1.SHIFT+Drag to rotate the model at your mouse position, approximately.

SPIN - about a Point

1.Click F3, to view the FRONT View

2.Click a Point or move your mouse-pointer to locate the center of the Spin-axis

3.SHIFT+Drag to spin the model about the Point, and not the Origin

SPIN - increments:

1.Click the Selection-Window

2.Move your mouse-pointer to the graphic-area again.

3.Press any of these keys or key-combinations on your keyboard:

10º Spin-Increments:  LEFT / RIGHT & UP / DOWN arrow-keys

30º Spin-Increments:  CTRL + LEFT / RIGHT & UP / DOWN arrow-keys

90º Spin-Increments:  SHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT & UP / DOWN arrows-keys



Drag to move the model with your mouse-pointer.

Shortcut: CTRL + Drag

CTRL+Drag, and wait for your model to move if the model is a large, then continue to CTRL+Drag.


Zoom Extents : To display the complete model.

Use Zoom extents to see all of the model. Also use Zoom extents if the model is clipping.


Zoom In

SHORTCUT: Mouse-Scroll-Wheel: Zoom in/out at your mouse position.


Zoom Out

SHORTCUT: Mouse-Scroll-Wheel: Zoom in/out at your mouse position.


Zoom Windows

With your mouse-pointer, drag a window for the new model view.