Summary of the Step

In this Step, we edit the dimensions to which we have related the sketch-loop. The sketch-loop updates as we edit the length of the Part. The sketch-loop becomes 'parametric'.

In this case the length of the Part also 'parametrically' updates the length of the sketch-loop.

tog_minusChange the Length of Part


Return to the Part-Editor AGAIN

STEP 1: Double-click the Part-Outline to open the Part-Editor

Edit the 100.00mm dimension to become 70mm

STEP 2: Double-click the arrow-head of the length dimension

The Dimension dialog-box opens


STEP 3: Edit the length of the Part to 70mm

Use the spin-box tool to edit the dimension

STEP 4: Click OK-tiny-13-17 when the dimension is 70mm.

PartEd-GA-Double-Click to exitPE

STEP 5: Exit the Part-Editor
1.Double-Click a sketch-element to close the Part-Editor.
2.Save your model.

See Also Trouble-shoot Geometry.


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