Background to this tutorial

If you click the Model-Editor tab, after completing Tutorials 1 and 2, you do not see any Solids. Tutorials 1 and 2 add Parts and Joints. These elements are not Solids. The Part and Joint elements are symbolic, and only for kinematic analysis.

We can add Solids elements to a model in MechDesigner in two ways:

Add a Profile/Extrusion element to a sketch-loop
Import Part and Assembly documents from SOLIDWORKS or STL files from other CAD.

Objectives of Tutorial 3

1.Repeat Tutorial 1, to become more confident with the tools you need to use to add a 'Rotating Part'.
2.Add sketch-elements to a Part so that the sketch-elements become a sketch-loop.

Key Learnings of Tutorial-3

What is the Part-Outline?

The Part-Outline is the symbolic oval shape that is around each added Part, and the symbolic rectangular shape that is around the Base-Part.

What is a sketch-loop?

A sketch-loop is a series of sketch-elements - usually Lines and Arcs - joined end-to-end.
The Points, that are at the end of each Line or Arc are merged together to make one Point from the two available Points.

Icon-EditPart Use the Part-Editor


Add Plane; Add Mechanism; Add Part

Tutorial 3: STEP 3.1

Add Plane + Add Mechanism + Add Part

Add 3 Lines and 3 Arcs

Tutorial 3: STEP 3.2

Add Lines & Arcs as sketch-Loop

Add Constraints and Dimensions

Tutorial 3: STEP 3.3; 3.4; 3.5; 3.6

Add Constraints and Dimensions


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