Summary of the Step

The sketch is still blue. Blue sketch-elements are not fully defined.

We will now add Vertical, Horizontal (or use Parallel) Constraints and a Dimension to establish the design intent of the sketch.

tog_minusComplete the Sketch


Icon-SE-Parallel Constraints toolbar > Parallel constraintRed-14-3


STEP 1: Click Constraints Toolbar > Add ParallelRed-14-3
STEP 2: Click the LineRed-14-2 at the base of sketch
STEP 3: Click the X-axisRed-14-1b or CAD-Line



Alternatively, you could use:

Icon-SE-Horizontal Constraints toolbar > Horizontal constraint : Select the LineRed-14-2 at the bottom of the sketch-loop.

Alternatively, you could use:

Icon-SE-Equal Constraints toolbar > Equal constraint to the two Arcs at the ends of the CAD-Line


Icon-SE-Vertical Constraints toolbar > Vertical constraint


STEP 4: Click Constraints toolbar > Vertical constraint
STEP 5: Click the Line to the left of the sketch


Alternatively, use the

Icon-SE-ParallelConstraints toolbar > Parallel constraint and click the Line and the Y-axis.

Alternatively, use the

Icon-SE-Equal Constraints toolbar > Equal constraint and select the Arcs at the bottom left and the top of the sketch-loop.

tog_minusDimension the Sketch-Loop


Icon-SE-Dimension Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension

Dimension between the X-axis and the centre-Point of the Arc along the Y-axis

STEP 1: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension
STEP 2: Click the X-axis and the centre-Point of the Arc.


STEP 3: Move your mouse-pointer and click the graphic-area to position the Dimension


The Dimension dialog-box opens – see the image to the left

STEP 4: Edit the dimension.
STEP 5: Set the dimension to 50mm

Do you remember how?

1.Right-click in the dimension parameter box
2.Click Round
3.Use the spin-box tool to change the value to exactly 50mm.


Icon-SE-Dimension Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension to the Arcs:


STEP 6: Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension | Click an Arc Click again to 'place' the dimension extension line


The Dimension dialog-box opens:

STEP 8: Edit the radius of the arc to 30mm

The sketch-elements are now black (or the colour as defined in Application-Settings > Graphics > Display Colours > Geometry Fully Defined).

The new colour of the sketch-elements indicate they are fully defined.

tog_minusClose the Part Editor


Close the Part-Editor:

STEP 1: Click Add Dimension to de-select it
STEP 2: Double-click a sketch-element or Y-axis
- or -
Click Edit Part to deselect itRed-14-1b


When you close the Part-Editor, the X-axis of the Part will still be horizontal!

In the Mechanism-Editor, the sketch-elements in a Part are the same colour as its Part-Outline , NOT the colour of the sketch-elements in the Part-Editor.


STEP 3: Click View Toolbar > View Align

The Base-Part is now horizontal


This Part is kinematically-defined. Therefore, in the Mechanism-Editor, the Part-Outline and the sketch-loop are coloured Green.

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