This topic describes how to use the Part-Editor to obtain a sketch-loop, with Merged-Points.

A Sketch-Loop is a closed chain of sketch-elements. The sketch-elements are added end to end , all Points are Merged-Points*

A sketch-loop is not an element. It is a derived name.

We can add a Profile to a sketch-loop, and a Hole through a Profile.

A Point at the end of one sketch-element must be merged with a Point at the end of a different sketch-element: we say the Points are Merged-Points.

These are NOT Sketch-Loops

When you merge three or more Points as one Point – this is a Branch Point
When the sketch-elements cross each other - this is a Figure-of-Eight
When the sketch-elements touch each other to give 'zero' thickness between two sketch-elements.

Example Sketch-Loops


1: A Circle

The simplest sketch-loop.

Used for a Cam-Follower Roller.

See Also: Cam-Follower

Add Sketch-Loop with HOVER


STEP 4.1 : Add Sketch-Loops




2: Lines

A general polygon.


3: Lines and Arcs

General Shape.


4: Arcs and Arcs

General 'free-form' , 'lozenge' shape

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