Extrusion Elements in MechDesigner

Do Tutorial 3 before this Tutorial


We use the name 'Solid' for two elements:

Profiles / Extrusions: We add these elements to a sketch-loop, which is a construction of sketch-elements that are joined end-to-end in a Part.
Imported CAD models: We use SolidWorks [or other CAD] to design these elements, before we import them onto a Part.

Solids do not change the kinematic analysis. Solids do change the kinetostatic [force] analysis.

Tutorial Objectives:

Add and edit:

Profiles and Auto-Profiles
Extrusions and Holes

Icon-AddProfileAdd Extrusions

You can use the sketch tools in the Part-Editor for a number of reasons. One reason is to add sketch-loops for Extrusions. However, the Part-Editor is not as powerful as those in solid modelling software. You cannot add complex geometry with the Part-Editor. If you add many sketch-elements to a single Part, the Part-Editor will slow down while you edit or add more constraints.

Do not add a complex sketch. Keep the sketch as simple as possible.

For Speed:

Break down the complete sketch to smaller, simpler, separate sketch-loops
To specify the position of each sketch-loop, add dimensions from the X and Y-axes for at least one Poin in the sketch-loop, and then dimension sketch-elements relative to each other.
Do not dimension a sketch-loop relative to a different sketch-loop
Do not add a constraint between a sketch-element in one sketch-loop and a sketch-element in a different sketch-loop.

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