Tutorial 4: From Sketch-Elements to Extrusions

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Tutorial 4: From Sketch-Elements to Extrusions

Extrusion Elements in MechDesigner

Do Tutorial 3 before this Tutorial


We use the name Solid for two elements:

Profiles / Extrusions: Add these elements to a sketch-loop

They also have the term: MD-Solids

Imported CAD models: Import from SolidWorks (or other CAD) onto a CAD-Line -

They also have the term: CAD-Solids

Solids do not change the kinematic analysis. Solids do change the kinetostatic (force) analysis.

Tutorial Objectives:

Explore and edit:


Profiles and Auto-Profiles

Extrusions and Holes

GST-Icon-AddProfileAdd Extrusions

Step 4.1: Sketch-loops and Merged-Points

Step 4.2: Use the Auto-Profiles Command

Step 4.3: Level 1: Sketch-Loops in Part Geometry

Step 4.4: Level 2: Sketch-Loops in Part Geometry

You can use the Part-Editor for many reasons. In this Tutorial, we add sketch-loops for Profile/Extrusions. However, the Part-Editor is not as powerful as you might find in your solid modeling software. If you add many sketch-elements and sketch-constraints, the Part-Editor may slow down as you edit or add even more constraints. Out request is that you do not add complex sketches to a Part.

For speed:

Break down a complex sketch into smaller, simpler, separate sketch-loops.

To specify the position of each sketch-loop, add dimensions from the X-axis or Y-axis for at least one Point in the sketch-loop, and then dimension sketch-elements relative to each other.