Step 15.7: Index the Belt

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Step 15.7: Index the Belt


The Belt is modeled to move with constant velocity.  We want it to index.

An Indexing Belt is one where, in one machine cycle:

1.There is an Index-Period: The belt moves to a position during one phase of the machine cycle.

2.There is a Dwell-Period: The belt stops at that position for the remainder of the machine cycle.

We must change the motion-values that we give to the kinematic-chains.

We connect new Function-Blocks to the input-connector of the Motion-Dimension FB to give a different motion to the Belt.

tog_plusStep 15.6: Video of Pattern


Indexing Belt 


tog_minusFunction-Blocks for a Constant Velocity Belt

tog_minusFunction-Blocks for an Indexing Belt