Pattern Tool in the Modelling-FB Toolbar

Use a Pattern to make multiple copies of a Solid in space and time.

The Pattern tool is very powerful. You should experiment with it!

You can use the Pattern element as a:

Space Pattern

- or -

Phase Pattern

In this Tutorial Step, we use a Phase Pattern to add multiple copies of a Solid moving along a path, with each copy displaced to different phases of the motion along the path.

tog_minusStep 15.6: Video of Pattern



Add and Edit the Pattern FB:

tog_minusAdd the Pattern Element to the Assembly Tree


1.Click Modelling-FB toolbar > Add Pattern Tool
2.Click the graphic area

The Pattern FB is in the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree

tog_minusEdit the Pattern Element


1.Right-click the Pattern in the Assembly-Tree or Selection-Window
2.Select Edit element in the contextual-menu.



In the the Pattern element dialog-box:

1.Click the Pattern Elements tab

In Enable and Type

2.Select the Enable check-boxRed-14-1b.
3.Select the Phase Pattern radio buttonRed-14-2.

Phase Patterns apply the motion of a Source Solid to copies you make of the Source Solid.

Note: Solids are: Profile/Extrusions, and Part and Assembly documents that you import from SOLIDWORKS.

In Pattern Elements

3.Unlock the Pattern Elements box
4.Select those Profile/Extrusions and CAD-Lines (with an imported SOLIDWORKS document) of which you want to create a Phase Pattern copies.

The Extrusions and CAD-Lines show in the Pattern Elements boxRed-14-3

4.Click the Phase Visibilities tab
5.Use the Spin-box or your keyboard to enter the number of copies along the PathRed-14-4

tog_minusThe Pattern Element





Enter 12 Copies.

This is because the Slider-Set 2 leads Slider-Set 1 by 30º.  To fill the chain with links, we will need 12 copies. (360/30 = 12)

Each copy, and its phase, shows in the boxRed-14-7 below.

5.Click the 'Hide the Source Element' check-boxRed-14-5 (recommended)
6.Make the Pattern Range = 360º.Red-14-6

We enter 360º because we want to show each Solid along the Path during a complete machine cycle.


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