Step 15.6: Pattern the Chain-Link

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Step 15.6: Pattern the Chain-Link

Pattern Tool in the modeling-FB Toolbar

Use a Pattern to make multiple copies of a Solid in space and time.

The Pattern tool is very powerful. You should experiment with it!

You can use the Pattern element as a:

Space Pattern

- or -

Phase Pattern

In this Tutorial Step, we use a Phase Pattern to add multiple copies of a Solid moving along a path, with each copy displaced to different phases of the motion along the path.

tog_plusStep 15.6: Video of Pattern


Conntinuous Belt


Add and Edit the Pattern FB:

tog_minusAdd the Pattern Element to the Assembly Tree

tog_minusEdit and Enable Pattern FB

Pattern-Elements tab

tog_minus Enable and Type  

tog_minusPattern Elements

Phase Visibilities tab

tog_minus Enable and Type