Tutorial 15: Patterns - Indexing-Chain example

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Tutorial 15: Patterns - Indexing-Chain example

Pattern Element

The Objective

Use the skills you have learnt in other tutorials.

Learn how to model a belt and chain with Piggyback-Sliders

Introduce the Pattern FB.

Learn how to use the Pattern FB to model chain links of an indexing chain.


This tutorial was prepared before the Motion-Path FB became available. We would now use the Motion-Path FB to prepare the path of the chain, and not Piggyback-Sliders. However, the Piggyback-Slider modeling technique is very useful.

This Tutorial :

1.Models the path of a point (Motion-Point) on a chain that moves at constant velocity - the belt is 1200mm long.

2.Models a chain-link on the chain - each chain-link is 100mm long, to give 12 chain-links.

3.Adds a Solid to represent the chain-link and the tooling attached to the link.

4.Makes copies the Solid with the Pattern FB.

5.Models the motion of the chain-link to an Indexing motion, with an index that is equal to the pitch of one chain-link pitch - 100mm.

Pattern Icon Belt : Motion, Patterns