Pattern Element

The Objective

Use the skills you have learnt in the other tutorials.
Learn how to model a belt and chain with 'Piggyback Sliders'

Note: This tutorial was prepared before the Motion-Path FB became available. Now we would use the Motion-Path FB to prepare the path of the chain rather than use Piggyback Sliders. However, the Piggyback Slider modelling technique is always important to understand.

Introduce the Pattern tool.
Learn how to model links on an indexing chain with the Patterning tool.

This Tutorial:

1.Models the path of a point on a belt that moves at constant velocity - the belt is 1200mm long.
2.Models a 'Long Link' on the belt, so it becomes equivalent to a long Chain-Link - each chain-link is 100mm long, giving 12 chain-links.
3.Adds a Solid to represent the Chain-Link and Tooling.
4.Makes copies the Solid with the Pattern Tool.
5.Re-models the belt to have an 'index motion'.

Pattern Icon Belt : Motion, Patterns

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