Why is the Base-Part not Green?


Display Forces is active



When Forces are displayed, each Part is given a new, random colour. The Base-Part is the new Random colour.

To make the Part Green, you should:

Icon-ForceDisplay-OFFClick the Display Forces icon, in the Forces toolbar to 'Not Display Forces'.

When the icon is grey the Base-Part should be Green.



Show other Sketches and Mechanism is active


If 'Show other Sketches in Mechanism' tool is active, and a different Mechanism-Editor is in front of the active Mechanism-Editor, then the Base-Part of the other Mechanism-Editor will show over the Base-Part in the active editor.

If you spin the model you will be able to see the Base-Part of the active Mechanism-Editor.


Show Model in Mechanism is active

When the Model is being shown in the Mechanism, we also show the Planes. The Base-Part is being partly hidden by a Plane.

To hide the Plane, you can either:

Icon-ShowModelinMechIcon-HideModelinMechClick the Show Model in Mechanism icon to 'Hide Model in Mechanism'.


- or -

Icon-DispFilt-PlanesClick the 'Display Planes' icon to 'Hide Planes'

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