Network Installation: Step-by-Step

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Network Installation: Step-by-Step

Network Installation


Client Workstations communicate with CMServer on your server (see <install-dir> for CMServer)

CMServer communicates with CopyMinder, over the internet, to check your Product Key status.

There are various permissions that you must know about, so that MechDesigner and CMServer can run smoothly.

Read also the Detailed Installation Instructions

Netowrk Installation Schematic

CLIENT Machine :

Note 1: The Installation path must have Read & Write access to the Server path - see STEP 2

Note 2: In this help, we call the installation directory (installdir)

Install MechDesigner on one Client Machine.

1.Download the latest MechDesigner ZIP file from your PSMotion account (, The name of the zip file is 'MD-PRO64-XX-X-XXX.ZIP'.

Email us if you need your user-name and password to login to your account.

2.Extract the EXE from the ZIP file

3.Double-click the EXE file to start the installation wizard.

4.Do the usual installation steps: Next, Next Next, Install...Finish.

DO NOT LAUNCH MECHDESIGNER before you complete the Server Side installation.


1.Create a directory on your company Server

We call this directory (CMServer).

CMServer must have write access to the folder in which you will find, after you run CMServer, the file.

CMServer must have internet access after the Network Administrator has logged off, after this installation is complete.

2.Copy Files

Cut and Paste these files from (installdir) to (CMServer)


3.Run CMServer.  

You will see the CMServer Configuration dialog.  You should see an entry in the products list: MD32_0_0 -

Start-up Modes: Application or Service? We strongly recommend a Windows Service.

4.Click the Start button in the CMServer configuration dialog box.

CMServer performs a protection check - over the internet - with the CopyMinder database servers.

If this is the first time you have installed and run CMServer, the protection check will fail to find a license-key.

5.In the pop-up, enter the MechDesigner Product Key we have emailed to you.

It has the format MD_0_0–xxxx-xxxx-xx

Then, another check is made with the CopyMinder database to find the key we have bought for you.

IMPORTANT: Do not do a Manual Installation.

If you are asked to obtain an Activation Code for a Manual Installation, then you do not have internet permissions from the CMServer to the CopyMinder database servers.

In nearly all cases: Do not do a Manual Installation .... Do not request an 'Activation Code' .

Do the following:

Make sure the CMServer path has internet access, and the firewall does not stop the access to the CopyMinder database. CMServer must have internet access even after the Network Administrator has logged off, when, usually, the path may reverts to other settings.

Put these IP addresses for the CopyMinder database servers on your Firewall 'white-list'.



Do 3-5 again. CMServer should find the Product Key automatically over the internet.


Now, you can run on MechDesigner on a Client machine

The first time you run MechDesigner on each client machine, you will see a dialog with three options:

Configure as a standalone program

Configure as a trial

Configure as a network client

Choose Configure as a Network Client

When MechDesigner is run the first time: enter the IP address : Port of the CopyMinder Server Path (CMServer) on your server at your place of business . It should normally show in the box automatically.

This is an example IP address and Port format:

The IP address & Port are:

<IP address of your Server running CMServer>:<CMServer listening port>.  

The default listening port is 10589.

If your IP address & Port are not found automatically, then review your firewall settings.

You can manually enter with you keyboard your IP address & Port.

However, it is much better to automatically find the IP address & Port.  In the future, CMServer makes checks. It is much better that these can be done automatically.


CopyMinder License Manager

Error 659:

MechDesigner is configured for network installation only. It cannot be installed as a standalone system.

This error is most frequently a result of specifying a Product Key on a network client machine instead of the CopyMinder Network Path. For a network installation, when a MechDesigner is first run on a client machine, you should select Configure as a network client and enter the CopyMinder Network Path provided to you by your Network Administrator (IP Address : Port)

Error 923:

The protected software was unable to create one of its required files.

This is usually due to the user not having the folder permissions to allow the CopyMinder License Manager to perform its security check before allowing the software to run. Check that the user (or All Users) has full control over the relevant folders in which the license manager is installed.

Error 926:

One of the internal modules that the protection check uses couldn't be loaded. The file is called and is written out into the same directory as the working copy of the .cm file. It is in fact a DLL, although not named as such.

Possible reasons are lack of permissions on the directory where the .cm file is stored or a virus checker with "real time" protection holding the file open after it is written for scanning, preventing it from then being opened by the CopyMinder runtime code. In this case, the anti-virus software should be set to exclude the directory where the license files are stored.

Error 929:

The protected program was unable to connect to the CopyMinder Network Server

1.Make sure that CMServer is running on the server.

2.Make sure that firewalls are not blocking the connection between the Client machine running MechDesigner software and the server.

General Errors

Whenever you get an error related to CopyMinder, you can find the error number and its description in the CopyMinder Knowledge-base, using this link: Globe-www

License manager says that licenses are all in use! But you think they are not all in use...

Wait a few minutes if you have just restarted MechDesigner after a crash.

This can happen if the software has not shutdown properly for some unknown reason. If possible check each PC to ensure that the software is no longer running as a process using the Windows® Task Manager. If this is not the problem then you can release all licenses by restarting license manager.

To do this, stop the CMServer.exe using windows services management.

Restart Cmserver.exe, and select “run as admin”.