Network Installation: Step-by-Step

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Network Installation: Step-by-Step

Network Installations

We offer two license types.

Network/Floating or


After you have installed MechDesigner, we cannot change a Standalone to a Network License, or a Network to a Standalone-License.

Floating/Network License Installation Instructions

Please read this documentation before you install MechDesigner.

Network Installation:

Network Installation: Step by Step

Network Installation: Detailed Instructions for IT Professional

Roaming Licenses

With a Network License, you can ask PSMotion to enable Roaming licenses. These allow designers to use MechDesigner on a computer that is not connected to the network for a period of time. Please email PSMotion if you want to enable Roaming Licenses.

Running protected programs

Useful to know:

CopyMinder Protection Software:

At activation time, and at 4-5 day intervals, a small program (CMServer) you run on your server will need an internet connection to a CopyMinder Server (third party protection software) to validate your license.

The CopyMinder Server IP addresses are:

All communication is done by HTTP over Port 80. It is important that any intervening firewall or proxy does not prevent, modify or reformat the data being exchanged.

If required, please see INST-Globe-www CopyMinder Privacy Policy.


Like most server software, CMServer accepts incoming connections by "listening" on a given IP address and port. If the machine running CMServer also has a firewall (including Windows firewall as well as third party firewall software), then the firewall software will need to be explicitly told to allow the incoming connections to get through to CMServer. Likewise, if a firewall exists on a machine between the server machine (the one running CMServer) and the client machines then this will need to be configured too.

You may need to add an exception to your virus-checker for mechdesigner.exe.cm64.exe. (see folder C:\ProgramData\HW\...). Your virus checker may think it is a threat.