Polynomial 2-3 Motion-Law

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Polynomial 2-3 Motion-Law

Polynomial 2-3 Cam-Law, Motion-Law

The Polynomial 2-3 Motion-Law is not available directly with the Motion-Law Selector.

You can use the Control Button (also Segment Editor Control-Buttons) with the Flexible-Polynomial to be a Polynomial 2-3.

You can use the Control Button with the Cubic Motion-Law, but you must enter 0 units/s for its Start-Velocity and End-Velocity.

Polynomial 2-3

Polynomial 2-3

This segment is included for reference.

A different name for this motion-law is a Parabolic Velocity. This motion-law is not usually recommended.

The maximum velocity is the lowest of the Traditional Motion-Laws.

I have read somewhere that it requires the least possible of all the possible motions.

Dynamic Performance

Polynomial 2-3:

there is a Motion Discontinuity in acceleration at the start and end of the segment.

there is an infinite jerk at the start and end of the segment.

should only be used in applications where the period-ratio is greater than 10, ideally at least 20.

uses the minimum energy from a servomotor or stepper motor.

Polynomial 2-3 with Flexible Polynomial Motion-Laws

If you can put a Flexible Polynomial motion-law before and after this segment, then it is possible to make sure the motion is continuous in position, velocity and acceleration.