MotionDesigner Reference & User Interface

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MotionDesigner Reference & User Interface

MotionDesigner: Main User Interface


MotionDesigner :

Red-14-1 Blend-Point and Segment, Edit, File, and View toolbars

Red-14-2 Motion name-tabs - see also Rename Motion

Red-14-3 Motion-toolbar

Red-14-4 Machine Speed - edit in MechDesigner > Edit menu > Machine-Settings

Red-14-5 Motion Values at Pointer

Red-14-6 Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Jerk (P.V.A.J) Motion-Graphs.

MotionDesigner:  Float or Dock.



Click to Float

1.Click MechDesigner > Visibility toolbar > Dock / Float MotionDesigner.

MotionDesigner is now floating.

The first time only:

2.Re-size and re-position MotionDesigner.


Click to Dock

1.Click MechDesigner > Visibility toolbar > Dock/Float MotionDesigner.

MotionDesigner is now docked again to the right of MechDesigner.

1r MotionDesigner: Toolbars

MotionDesigner toolbars

MotionDesigner toolbars


Blend-Point & Segment toolbar


Edit toolbar


File toolbar


View toolbar

5r Motion toolbar



Motion toolbar

2r MotionDesigner:  Motion name-tabs


Motion name-tabs

The default motion names are Motion0, Motion1, Motion2, ...

To rename a Motion

1.Right-click a Motion graph or its Motion name tab

2.Click Rename in the pop-up

Motion: Rename dialog-box

Motion: Rename dialog-box

3.Enter a new name

4.Click Cross-Close-13x13 at the top-right of the dialog


1.Edit toolbar > Active Motion-Settings > Motion tab > Motion Name > Motion name

MotionDesigner: Motion-Values at Pointer

MT-Motion-Values Preview

1.Move your pointer to a graph, or to a Blend-Point.

The X and Y motion-values show under your pointer.

See also: Motion-Value Evaluator.

Note: It may help you to increase the Line-Thickness (of the graphs) and increase Symbol-Size (of the Blend-Points).