Tutorial 10: Import your own data

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Tutorial 10: Import your own data

Motion -Law : Z-Raw-Data, Position-List, or Acceleration List.

To use the Z-Raw-Data, Position List, or Acceleration List segment:

1.Select a Motion name-tab

2.Use the Motion-Law Selector to make the segment a Z-Raw-Data (or Position List, or Acceleration List)

In the image below: there is only one segment. The X-axis range is from 0 to 360.

However, you can have more than one Z-Raw Data segment, and optionally, mixed with segments that have different motion-laws.

3.Click the Z-Raw-Data segment in the graph area

4.Open the Data-Transfer Table.

5.Select the top, left cell in the Data-Transfer table.

6.Cut & Paste data to the Data-Transfer Table from, a Graph FB Plot, NotePad®, Excel®, or an open a .txt or .asc file. The data must be as columns of data.

In the Data-Transfer Table:

6.Click the first (top-left cell) and SHIFT+ Click the last (bottom-right cell) 'Y–axis' cells that you want to Put to the Z-Raw-Data Motion-Law.  Do not select X–axis values.

7.Use the Put List tool - using this icon, DTPuPosList - in the toolbar at the top of the Data-Transfer dialog-box.

Raw Data - Import Dat to Segment


 NEED to Check Below!!! Please Experiment.

 When you Put data to a Z-Raw-Data Segment, MotionDesigner will do the following:

Do nothing if you post less than 5 points. But MotionDesigner will tell you to put more points in your list.

(Remember, you must...

1.Click the First cell

2.Shift+Click the last data cell in the Data-Transfer table to 'put' to the Z-Raw Data segment)

Create points to coincide with the points in the segment.

Numerically Differentiate the data to create Velocity, Acceleration and Jerk values.

MotionDesigner will allow you to extract your original data you Put to the Z-Raw-Data Segment by using Get List Data.