Motion-Law Selector

Use the Motion-Law Selector to view and edit the motion-law for the selected-segment.

If the motion-law does not show in the box, click above or below the Selected-Segment.

Note-Pencil-20 You can also view and edit the motion-law in the Segment-Editor.

Motion-Law Selector drop-down.

Motion-Law Selector drop-down.

To edit the Motion-Law:

1.Click above or below the segment in the motion graph-area to confirm which segment you want to change.
2.Click the drop-down arrow at the right-side Motion-Law Selector box to see the different motion-laws.
3.Scroll through the motion-laws
4.Click the Motion-Law to select it for the selected-segment.
5.Click somewhere in the motion graph area so that that Motion-Law in the Selector box does not remain as the 'focus'.

Why is '5' so important?

After you click a Motion-Law, and if it remains as the 'focus', is easy to accidentally change the Motion-Law again until it does not have the 'focus'.  For example, if use you keyboard, or the mouse scroll-wheel you will select a different of motion-law. Not Good!

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