Motion-Law Selector

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Motion-Law Selector

Motion-Law Selector

This is below the Motion graphs.

Use the Motion-Law Selector to

Identify the Motion-Law for the Selected-Segment

Select a Motion-Law for the Selected-Segment.

See also Motion-Laws

Use the Motion-Law Selector

Motion-Law Selector list box

Motion-Law Selector list box

To identify the Motion-Law of the Selected-Segment

1.Click above or below a segment.

The segment is now the Selected-Segment.

The Motion-Law shows in the Motion-Law Selector.

To select a different Motion-Law for the Selected-Segment

1.Click a segment to make it the Selected-Segment

2.Click the drop-down arrow of the Motion-Law Selector boxRed-14-1 to see the different motion-laws.

3.Click a motion-lawRed-14-2 from the Motion-Laws in the drop-down.

The Selected-Segment now uses the Motion-Law.

4.Click somewhere in the motion graph area to remove the  focus  from the Motion-Law Selector list-box.