Data-Transfer: Put List Data

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Data-Transfer: Put List Data

Put Data to a List Segment-Type

This icon is in the Data-Transfer Table toolbar only when the Selected-Segment is a List Segment-Type.

List Segment-Type are





Put List Data : to put the selected data* from the Data-Transfer Table to a List Segment-Type.

The number of data values you Put to the List Segment-Type does not need to be equal to the Number-of-Points that are allocated to the segment with the Segment-Width

After you put the data-points to the List Segment-Type, MotionDesigner :

allocates motion-points appropriate to the Segment-Width

calculates all motion-derivatives

* To Select Data:

1.Click a Header to select all of the data under that header that column


2.Click a cell in the table  

3.SHIFT+Click a different cell in the table

The highlighted data is now the Selected-Data.

The minimum number-of-points you can select to Put to the List Segment-Type is 6.

You should usually put many more points to the List Segment-Type.

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