Step 1.4: Add a Pin-Joint

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Step 1.4: Add a Pin-Joint

About Joints

A Kinematic Joint specifies how two Parts can move relative to each.

The joints in MechDesigner are Pin-Joint, Slide-Joint and Ball-Joint.

Objective of this Step

1.To add a Pin-Joint

2.Learn how to click two Points in different Parts to do Add Pin-Joint.

Summary of this Step

1.Click Kinematic elements toolbar > Add Pin-Joint (left of the graphic-area)

2.Click a:

Point at the origin of the new Part (Step 1.2)

and a

Point in the Base-Part (Step 1.3)

This help file uses the term Pin-Joint. The standard kinematic-term is Revolute-Joint. Other terms you may use are: Pivot-Point, Hinge-Point, Shaft center, ...

Video of this Step

Tutorial 1: STEP 1.4

Add Pin-Joint


Add a Pin-Joint

Add Pin-Joint icon

Expand the vertical Kinematic-elements toolbar to the left of the graphic-area.

STEP 1: Click Kinematic-elements toolbar > Add Pin-Joint
- or -
Click Add menu >  Mechanism sub-menu > Add Pin-Joint


In the image we can see the: active Pin-Joint commandRed-14-1b, and the cursor Add Pin-JointRed-14-2.


STEP 2: Click the Point at the Origin of the Added-PartRed-14-2

It is best to click the Point at the Origin of the new Part when the Part is to rotate



STEP 3: Click a Point at one end of the Line in the Base-PartRed-14-3


If you miss the second Point, you MUST click the two Points again.


The Point in the Added-Part snaps to the Point in the Base-Part.

You may need to click the graphic-area to complete the command.

Save your mechanism with CTRL+S

To cancel the Add Pin-Joint command, do one of the following:

Click Kinematic-element toolbar > Add Pin-Joint to the left of the graphic-area

- or -

Use the ESC key on your keyboard

-or -

Do a different command