Step 1.5: Add and Edit a Motion-Dimension FB

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Step 1.5: Add and Edit a Motion-Dimension FB

IMPORTANT: Background to this Step.

Parts have two states:

Unsolved Parts : they are not kinematically-defined; they have Blue Part-Outlines

Solved Parts : they are kinematically-defined; they have Green Part-Outlines; they have Zero(0) degrees-of-freedom.

Objective of this Step

After the last step, STEP 1.4, the state of the Part is unsolved.

It is free to rotate around the Pin-Joint.. It has one(1) degree-of-freedom.

We must change the state of the Part from unsolved to solved.

The Part is then kinematically-defined. It will then have zero(0) degrees-of-freedom.

Summary of this Step

Add a Motion-Dimension FB

Edit the Part's start position - its Base-Value.

Note: To edit the default colors for Solved Parts and Unsolved Part:

Application Settings > Graphics tab > Display colors > Part Solved to Green and Part Unsolved to Blue.


Tutorial 1: Step 1.5

Add a Motion-Dimension FB

Edit a Motion-Dimension FB


btn_delkeywordA: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to a Part
btn_delkeywordB: Edit the initial position of the Motion-Part - its Base-Value
btn_delkeywordTo Move the Motion-Dimension Dimension-Line and FB
btn_delkeywordThe Kinematics Tree
btn_delkeywordImportant Kinematic Understanding and Terms