Step 6D3.1: Export Slot-Cam to SOLIDWORKS

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Step 6D3.1: Export Slot-Cam to SOLIDWORKS

Background to the Complexities


A standard rotating-cam is a closed shape. The relative motion contact between the follower and cam is continuous. The contact steadily moves along the cam-profile as the MMA increases from 0 to 360.  The XYZ Points do not self-intersect or repeat (unless there is undercutting).

However, with a Slot-Cam* the contact-point may not move along the cam steadily. The contact will retrace its path with the roller moving in the opposite direction. Thus the coordinates will repeat the same profile.

You cannot a SolidWorks create a sketch from these coordinates.

This topic describes how to solve this problem.

* Any Cam in which the contact-point does not move steadily along the cam.

tog_minus'Complications' when exporting coordinates of a Slot-Cam to SOLIDWORKS
tog_minusSolution to the Complications : LINEARIZE the MOTION input to the Cam.