Step 6D3.1: Export Slot-Cam to SOLIDWORKS

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Step 6D3.1: Export Slot-Cam to SOLIDWORKS

Background to the Complexities


A standard rotating-cam is a closed shape. The contact-point between the follower and the cam-profile steadily moves along the cam-profile as the MMA increases from 0 to 360.  The XYZ Points do not self-intersect or repeat (unless there is undercutting).

However, with a Slot-Cam* the contact-point may not move along the cam steadily. The contact-point will usually retrace its path as the roller moves in the opposite direction. Thus, the coordinates can repeat.

You cannot create a sketch in SolidWorks when the coordinates repeat.

This topic describes how to solve this problem.

* Any Cam in which the contact-point does not move steadily along the cam.

tog_minus'Complications' when exporting coordinates of a Slot-Cam to SOLIDWORKS
tog_minusSolution to the Complications : LINEARIZE the MOTION input to the Cam.