Cams and Cam-Followers

Please do tutorials 1,2,3,5 before this tutorial.

In machines, in general terms, a cam provides a motion to a cam-follower. The cam-follower is in continuous contact with the cam.

Usually, the cam and cam-follower move. The cam usually has a simple motion and the cam-follower a more complex motion. However, it is also possible that the cam or the cam-follower is stationary.

Packaging Machine with Cams. Courtesy of Lareka NL

Example of cams in a protected enclosure with forced oil feed, typical of a packaging machine.

As you design cams, you should notice a difference between MechDesigner and other software. In MechDesigner, you add the cam when your design is almost complete, and not when you start your design. New users are often confused: 'Why does the model not yet include a cam?'

Objective of these Tutorials

To learn how to Add 2D-Cam.
Add different cam types.
To improve your modeling skills.

Icon-Add2DCam 2D-Cams and 3D-Cams

6B: 2D-Cams – A Labelling Machine. A Design Study –  You need good motion design skills!

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