System Requirements, Permissions, Virus checker, ...

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System Requirements, Permissions, Virus checker, ...

System Requirements

Operating System :

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1; Aero Enabled), Windows 10

64-bit only

PC Memory :

Minimum 4GB of RAM

Recommend: 8GB and more

Hard Drive Space :

1GB of available space

Recommended: 20GB or more - keep your C: drive healthy.

Graphics Card :

High-performance Graphics-Card for CAD or Gaming

OpenGL 3.5+

Minimum of 1GB, ideally 4GB of card memory.

Screen Resolution :

Minimum : 1920 × 1080

Recommended : 4K (3840 × 2160)

Windows Permissions

Installation :

Administrator Rights.

Download Help :

Download Tutorials :

Administrator Rights to download the Local Help and Tutorials with the Help menu

1.Right-click MD application start icon  

2.Click Run as Administrator in the contextual-menu

General Running :

Administrator Rights are not needed.

You do need an internet connection. MechDesigner will occasionally check your license with CopyMinder.

Recommended Windows Settings

Display Resolution :

4K - (3840 × 2160)

Windows DPI Setting :

If Screen Resolution is 1920 × 1080 , then set to 100%

If Screen Resolution is 4K, then set to Windows DPI to 150%. (Right-click Desktop, and select Display settings).


PSMotion recommends that you:

Use a trusted anti-virus product. Make sure you update it with the latest anti-virus definition/signature files.

Add exemptions for MechDesigner file types and folder locations - see also: Files on your PC, Firewalls, Virus-Checkers

Software Protection

We use CopyMinder® for our software protection.

If you have bought MechDesigner, you will have a Product Key that you need when you run MechDesigner the first time. Keep it safe, although.

If you have a Network-License (sometimes called a Floating-License) then your I.T. department should do the installation and retain the Product Key. Clients/Users cannot install MechDesigner as a Standalone License with a Product Key that is intended for a Network License.

See also: CopyMinder Software Protection


If you want to remove MechDesigner completely, then use the Windows> Uninstall utility.

If you have saved MechDesigner models, you may want to remove them manually.

See also: Files on your PC