4: Feedback-Area

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4: Feedback-Area


The Feedback-Area is below the graphic-area.

Notes: To make the Feedback-Area look like the image below, you may need to do Visibility toolbar > Hide MotionDesigner to hide MotionDesigner.

Feedback Area

Feedback Area [Hide MotionDesigner if the Area has 'word'wrapped'.

Short and Extended Hints Red-14-1b :  

The hint for each command shows in this box as you hover above each command icon.

Drag the barRed-14-8 to the right to see all of the hint.

To turn hints off, clear the check-box in:

Edit menu > Application-Settings > Accessibility tab > Menus separator > Hints

Message Window Red-14-2 :

The most recent message is at the top of the list.

Please read the message if you cannot complete a command.

To clear all messages:

1.Right-Click, with your pointer in the Message Window area

2.Click Clear Messages

Messages are classified as:

Information Information; Warning Warnings; Error Errors (save your work!).

Messages and Sounds:

You can hear a sound with each message.

To turn sound on, click the check-box in:

Edit menu > Application-Settings > Accessibility tab > Sounds separator

Master-Machine-Angle (MMA) Red-14-3 :

Master Machine Angle 

Master Machine Angle 

The MMA a range of 0 – 360, It is one(1) Machine Cycle.

Arrowhead - below the scale - is the approximate value of the MMA

Digital-Readout - to the right of the scale - is the exact value of the MMA.

Revs - to the left of the scale -  is the number of times the MMA has completed a machine-cycle.

Move the MMA to a machine angle:

Use Run toolbar > Cycle, Step Forward, Step Backwards, Home

Move Exactly: Enter a value with your keyboard in the Digital-Readout box, or use the Spin-Box tool. You can use the Spin-Box with tiny increments.

Move Approximately: Drag, to the left or right, with your mouse-pointer inside the MMA scale.

Jog, or micro-jog, the MMA:

1.Edit the Spin-Increment in the Digital-Readout to a small step-size - e.g. 0.1, or 0.01

2.Press you mouse-button down on the Spin-Arrow to increase or decrease the MMA by the Spin-Increment.

Vector Scales Red-14-4 :

Buttons to Scale Vectors

Buttons to Scale Vectors

Vectors show in the graphic-area when you show:

Velocity(V) and Acceleration(A) Kinematic Vectors  - see Point Properties dialog-box

Force(F) and Torque(Τ) Vectors - see Forces toolbar > Display Force Vectors.

Use the up and down buttons to increase or decrease the length of the vectors,

Animation Speed Slider Red-14-5 :

Slider to change Animation-Speed

Slider to change Animation-Speed

Increase or decrease the animation-speed

Drag, to the left or right, with your mouse-pointer inside the Animation Speed Slider scale.

See also : Simulation-Speed