What are Part-Outlines

Part-Outlines are purely Symbolic. You can change the size of the Part-Outline in the Edit menu > Application Settings | Accessibility tab.

You cannot edit Part-Outlines.


Double-click a Part-Outline to edit the Part in the Part-Editor
The colour of the Part-Outline helps you identify if the Part is kinematically-defined

Why do Part-Outlines have different colours?


Blue Part-Outlines

The Parts have a mobility greater than one(1)

Derived names for Blue Parts are:

'Completely Free Part'1s-red when not joined to another Part.
'Free Part'2s when joined, but still not fully defined and Blue


Green Part-Outlines

We say the Parts are kinematically-defined. Their Mobility is 0.

We also sometimes say they are 'fully defined, or solved.

The Rectangular Base-Part1s-red is always Green - it is always kinematically-defined.
A Rocker or a Slider2s is a Motion-Part.
The Part can one of the two Parts in a Dyad, or a Geared-Rocker.
The Parts can be in a Dyad with a Motion-Path - a Ram-R or Ram-P
The Part could be a Pulley Part.


Multi-coloured Part-Outlines

The Parts take on different colours when, in the Forces Toolbar, you:

- and -

Why is the Base-Part not Green when I had a Mechanism-Editor?


If the BasePart is a different colour, usually the Display Forces icon is toggled in.

Icon-ForceDisplay-ON: The Display Forces icon toggled in.


When Forces are displayed, each Part is given a new, random colour.

The Base-Part is the new Random colour.

To make the Part Green, you should:

Icon-ForceDisplay-OFFClick the Display Forces icon, in the Forces toolbar to 'Not Display Forces'.

When the icon is gray the Base-Part should be Green.

Why can I not see the Base-Part properly?

BasePart partial hidden by a Plane.

BasePart partial hidden by a Plane.

This is usually because the 'Show Model in Mechanism' is toggled in.

Icon-ShowModelinMech: The 'Show Model in Mechanism toggled in.


When the Model is being shown in the Mechanism, we also show the Planes.

The Base-Part is being partly hidden by a Plane.

You can either:

Icon-HideModelinMechClick the Show Model in Mechanism icon to 'Hide Model in Mechanism'.


- or -

Icon-DispFilt-PlanesClick the 'Display Planes' icon to hide the Plane that is in front of, or coplanar with the BasePart.


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