What are Part-Outlines and their colors?

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What are Part-Outlines and their colors?

What are Part-Outlines

A Part-Outline is the symbol for a Part. You can change the size of the Part-Outline in the Edit menu > Application Settings | Accessibility tab.

You cannot edit a Part-Outline.

Double-click a Part-Outline to edit the Part in the Part-Editor

The color of the Part-Outline helps you identify if the Part is kinematically-defined

Why do Part-Outlines have different colors?

Free Part(1) ;  Completely Free Part(3)

Free Part(1) ;
Completely Free Part(3)

Blue Part-Outlines

The Part has a mobility greater than one(1)

Derived names for Blue Parts are:

Completely-Free PartRed-14-3 - without a Joint to any other Part.

Free PartRed-14-1 - with a Joint, but not kinematically-defined

Kinematically-Defined Parts Rocker & Base-Part

Kinematically-Defined Parts
Rocker & Base-Part

Green Part-Outlines

The Part has a mobility of zero(0).

Derived names for Green Parts are:

kinematically-defined Part

solved Part

Note: The Base-Part is always a Part that is kinematically-defined.

Part-Outlines with Display Forces

Part-Outlines with Display Forces

Multi-colored Part-Outlines

Each Part has a random color when, in the Forces Toolbar, you:

Enable Calculate Forces

- and -

Display Force Vectors