Dialog: Application-Settings

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Dialog: Application-Settings


Use the Application-Settings dialog to edit the working environment.

We save your Application-Settings when you exit MechDesigner to two files, which are:



<LocalAppData> is typically C:\users\username\AppData\Local\PSMotion\


Delete MechDesigner.INI and MechDesigner.XML:

to reset MechDesigner to its factory-settings.

when MechDesigner crashes soon after you open a model as they may be corrupted.

See also: Application-Settings, Themes, Styles, and the Save and Load buttons

How to open the Application-Settings dialog


1.Click Edit toolbar > Application-Settings


1.Click Edit menu > Application-Settings

The Application Settings dialog is now open.

Application-Settings dialog:

Application Settings dialog

Application Settings dialog

Application-Settings tabs

Click to exapand /collapseGeneral
Click to exapand /collapseNumber Format
Click to exapand /collapseGraphics tab
Click to exapand /collapseAccessibility tab
Click to exapand /collapseAuto-Profile tab