Force elements

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Force elements

Forces Menus and Toolbars


We use the term Force for these force types:

Kinetostatic Action and Reaction Forces

Drive Moment and Load Torques

Cam Contact Force

Spring Force / Damping Force / 'Friction' Force

Gear Tooth Flank Forces

We use the term Drive Torque. if it is the Load Torque at the output-shaft of a servomotor and gearbox.

We use the term Drive Force if it is the Load Force for a linear-servo, or rotary servomotor, gearbox, with a rotary-to-linear transformation device.

Use the Force menu and Force toolbar to:

Calculate Forces and optionally to show Force Vectors.

Configure which element would receive the power from a drive motor.

Add a Spring FB to apply a force function between two Points.

Add a Force-Data FB to measure the force that acts on an element.

Globe-www On-line Tutorial: Tutorial 13: Forces Introduction

Forces sub-menu

The Force menu is a sub-menu to the Add menu.


Forces toolbar

The Forces toolbar is to the right-side of the graphic-area, at the top, in the Mechanism-Editor.