Force elements

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Force elements

To calculate Force vectors that act on Parts, there must be a minimum of one kinematic-chain that is kinematically-defined and a minimum of one Part with Mass and Inertia properties.

Parts have three sources of Mass Properties (Mass & Inertia):

They Mass Properties are:

defined by the shape and Extrusion-Depth of a Profile/ Extrusion,

defined by you as User Mass-Properties

imported with a SolidWorks part document onto a CAD-Line

You can use each of these to add together the Mass Properties from each source

It is also important to Configure the Power Source to make sure the Power that flows through the kinematic-chain is correct.

Force elements

Use the tools and options in the Force elements menu or toolbar to calculate and show the Force vectors that act on Parts at Joints and the machine elements in your model.

MD-Globe-www On-line Tutorial: Tutorial 13: Forces Introduction

Force sub-menu

The Force menu is a sub-menu to the Add menu.

Force menu

Force menu

Force toolbar

The Force toolbar is to the right of the graphic-area.

Forces toolbar

Forces toolbar

tog_minusKinetostatic Forces - Definitions:
tog_minusAcceleration Definitions:

We calculate for you those Forces that result from these Accelerations :