Forces Menus and Toolbars


We use the term Force for these force types:

Kinetostatic Action and Reaction Forces
Drive Moment and Load Torques
Cam Contact Force
Spring Force
Gear Tooth Flank Forces

We use the term Drive Torque. It is the Load Torque at the output-shaft of a servomotor and gearbox.

We use the term Drive Force. It is the Load Force for a linear-servo, or rotary servomotor, gearbox, with a rotary-to-linear transformation device.

Use the Force menu and Force toolbar to:

Calculate Forces and optionally to show Force Vectors.
Configure which element would receive the power from a drive motor.
Add a Spring FB to apply a force function between two Points.
Add a Force-Data FB to measure the force that acts on an element.

Globe-www On-line Tutorial: Tutorial 13: Forces Introduction

Forces sub-menu

The Force menu is a sub-menu to the Add menu.


Forces toolbar

The Forces toolbar is to the right-side of the graphic-area, at the top, in the Mechanism-Editor.



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