Forces Menus and Toolbars

The Force menu and toolbar configures the 'muscles' of each kinematic-chain

Use the Force menu to configure which element has the 'power' and to turn calculations 'on' or 'off' in the background.
Add a Spring FB to apply a force function between two Points.
Add a Force-Data FB to measure the Force that acts on an element.

See: Kinetostatic Torque and Speed dialog-box for more information, and to select a Servomotor and Gear-box.

See : Tutorial 13

Forces is the generic term we use for: kinetostatic forces at Pin-Joints, Drive Moment and Torques at Pin-Joints, Linear Forces to drive Slide-Joints, Cam Contact Forces and Spring Forces. We use 'Drive Torque' for the torque a rotary motor must deliver to drive the kinematic-chains and 'Drive Force' for the force a linear motor must deliver to drive the kinematic-chain.


Forces toolbar

The Forces toolbar is vertical and to the TOP, RIGHT-SIDE of the graphic-area, in the Mechanism-Editor.

Note: Visibility toolbar > Show Forces [ABOVE] the graphic-area to show the Force Vectors.


Forces sub-menu

The Force menu is a sub-menu to the Add menu.



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